Friday, 15 November 2013

Institutional Caning

Just a little something I came across for the INSTITUTE website.  I plan to start a series of movie and YouTube derived pages and thought I'd test out the concept here.  And this one has it all:  the correct, suitably institutional setting, heavy iron door and everything.  And a suitably dowdy looking inmate uniform for the girl too - very close to what I would imagine.  The only part of this scenario I don't like is the audio soundtrack reference to 'resisting arrest'; it sounds far too legal and officially condoned.  I prefer to keep the sound off and imagine some small private facility of some nature situated well beyond public, bureaucratic and official scrutiny... No courts to appeal to, no scandal to be dredged up in the gutter press...No way out...

Perhaps it is an unofficially run private workhouse based on the Victorian model or charity run home for 'girls and young women in danger of drifting into moral corruption'.  Who knows?  What do YOU think? 

By the way; the reason you have not heard from me for a while is that I am presently having a problem with my hands and fingers - possibly gym injury related but aggravated by RSI from typing and mouse use - and so I am trying hard not to overdo it.


Anonymous said...

This was an amazing clip. Thank you for posting it.

I was mesmerized by the institutionally methodical. And beyond appeal for even the slightest shred of mercy.

Orage said...

No visible lines on her bum even at the end.
Thanks for the clip!

Toyntanen said...

Hi Orage!

Long time, no hear!

I have to say I hadn't even noticed the lack of cane lines or marks. As so often the case, it was the preperation and presentation that drew my interest. I tend to side with the anonymous contributor's analysis (see above). Thanks for that, my anonymous friend by the way!

Orage said...

Hi Garth!
Long time no new posts either!

Toyntanen said...

What can I say, Orage? In the last couple of months I have suffered all manner of injuries in the gym - some related to my right knee, which has finally practically collapsed completely and requires a complete artificial joint replacement to make it good. But by far the worst has been an injury to my hands and fingers (not unlike the so called 'pulley injuries' sometimes suffered by climbers, but in my case suffered while engaging in heavy latt pull-downs - gym types will know what I mean.) This in turn seems to have triggered or exacerbated some sort of RSI problem related to typing and mouse use which also is making my right shoulder sore. Consequently I have been trying to keep typing and computer use generally to a minimum while still trying to complete my latest book relying on voice recognition alone, voice recognition being difficult to use for HTML editing as required for work on the website and totally useless for image processing as required for artwork such as that which I was doing for Roger Benson and the comic book project I was working on in conjunction with Angela Fox who in turn is currently collaborating with the aforementioned spanking and discipline artist, Mr Benson)

Anonymous said...

In these cases a public/private partnership works best.

It starts with a few police officers suitably trained to spot potential female criminal mischief in its myriad of forms. Immodest dress, public intoxication, subversive political activities, loud music or shrill chattering with friends, or the slightest hint of disrespect when she is stopped for "routine questioning" by police would lead to immediate arrest.

After ascertaining whether she would be unduly missed the miscreant's case would be routed to a stern Magistrate eager to dispense swift justice. After amusing himself with a few pointed questions of the accused, and enjoying the sight of her tearful pleading as she squirmed before the bench, sentence would be passed, and his Lordship's gavel would slam down with finality of a coffin lid being closed. His Lordship's hastily scribbled signature on the young woman's official "Certificate of Delinquency" would strip her of all her civil rights, her academic and professional accreditations, her clothing, her property, and any future right to legal counsel or judicial appeal.

The spectators in the hallway would snicker as they watched the coffle of chained women being led to the reformatory van, for they knew that the pretty young coeds and stylishly dressed young professional women would soon be wearing childish school uniforms, complete with white knee socks, blazers, and school ties.

The reformatory would be a private institution, free from any ordinary legal restraints, but it would run with the full sanction and authority of the law. The generous benefactors who paid to see the young women disciplined would fund a system of gratuities that would ensure that the police, prosecutor, and Magistrates were richly rewarded for performing their sworn duties. And so the virtuous cycle would continue.

Anonymous said...

FYI, this is one of a small series of early Nu-west videos where it is generally believed that the recipient of the punishment is actually a man.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar whipping in hong kong I am male the floggers were female I got 36 lashes on thin gym shorts, perhaps i WAS LUCKIER THAN THE VICTIM I COULD NOT SIT DOWN FOR TWO DAYS; More details if you want them