Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Original Institute Site Gets a New Look

strict nurse with cane
The Original Institute Site Gets a New Look - Well, sort of!  I've not had that long to work on it - and not all the links are installed or working properly - but I've made a start at putting together a new navigation scheme for the site, which as you will recall also houses the remains of my Weebly 'Beyond the Barred Window' site and the site I created for Roger Benson's artwork, based on drop-down and fly-out menus located along a bar at the top of the page.  At present this facility only exists within the index page itself (and within those pages that originated from my Weebly sit of course), where it will be bolstered by a secondary pictorial menu system, but once I get to grips with the code I plan to roll out the system across all of the site's pages while keeping the existing 'look' and extend it so that it encompasses all of the site's sub-pages and sections in the manner that it does for the Toyntanen section... I'm sure you understand!  Please take a look and let me know what you think - ta!  Just click the image, left. to go straight to the index page and play around.  Meanwhile:  I'm going 'pubing' today - I'm taking my laptop and I hope to get the new book organised and finished so that I can get back to the comic book project - I can also get my emails etc on my phone, so don't be shy!  I'll be in The Tollgate to begin with, the Turnpike Lane Wetherspoons, but I'll keep you updated by Facebook and / or Twitter in case anyone fancies joining me for a pint... see Ya!


vlad said...

While I am eager to see your work, at the moment the URL immediately redirects to a page full of ads. Please fix this. For reference, I am using an Android phone so it may be a popup.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Vlad

It may well be because the site is not yet optermised for mobile devices. It sounds like the action of the webring widget at the foot of the site's entry page - as a quick fix I'll have to consider getting rid of it (the widget that is, not the website.

Out of interest, how does the Beyond The Barred Window opening page look?


It too contains a webring widget, albeit from another webring.

Anybody else encountered this problem?