Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Riding Along with that Jodhpur Fetish Thing

Well, what a long time it has been! And a busy time too, although I wont bore you with too many of the details. Suffice it to say that I have had to earn a crust; or rather I have been obliged to aid my ‘other half’ in earning a crust since it is she who is currently the breadwinner in our relationship. The trouble is that she is occasionally a little over zealous in fulfilling that role and a little over ambitious in the quantity of work she takes on. She teaches full-time nowadays in a London based university but still likes to hold on to some of her old freelance contacts and so is loathe to give up on taking on freelance work altogether.

Thus it was that I found myself doing a little research work which amounted to trying to uncover how many outlets certain retailers have around the world by going on their websites, utilizing their ‘store-finder’ – which generally lists stores and stockists by country and then by city – and manually counting up the total (over 400 in one instance!). No you can’t just simply ring them up (or email) them and ask, apparently – I’m not sure why but apparently that’s just not done! Besides; some of these companies don’t seem to actually know how many outlets they have themselves – in interview their representatives say one thing but their website ‘store-finder’ says something different entirely. Go figure! There we go – I said I wouldn’t bore you with the details and now I just have!

Right then: The (world’s most tedious) research is not the only kind I have been engaged in – thank fcuk (little fashion-world / dyslexia joke there). Although I had to place on the back burner for a while that commissioned piece I am writing and that I mentioned before I did find time to do a little research around certain aspects that need to be incorporated as I went along. So what did I uncover? Well did you know that there is an entire horse riding attire and jodhpur fetish literature out there? I didn’t. Obviously I knew that riding attire, riding crops and jodhpurs etc sometimes feature in D/S and S & M literature and interests but not jodhpurs as a ‘standalone’ fetish. Indeed it turns out there are several sites catering to this interest and although not directly related to my commissioned piece I have done a little exploration and have added a selection to my ‘Useful Resources’ list in the right hand sidebar. Although not by any means exhaustive, these include:’, ‘’,’ and ‘’. The latter hosts an interesting forum and both it and ‘sexyjodhpurs’ are listed alphabetically together under ‘J’ - for jodhpurs - for the sake of simplicity.

As always one link followed the next and so I added the Yahoo Group Female_Farm_Animals’ (see pic above right - I don't know who created this so can't credit him / her, but it's great) to my sidebar’s ‘Useful Yahoo Groups’ listing and ‘Thomas’s Picks’, ‘The Memories of a Strict Uncle’ and ‘Brambleberry Blush’ to my blog list (the standard one) – also to be found in the right hand sidebar. Finally: A while back ‘Scarletfanny’ added a link to her site ‘Strangelove’ as a comment to one of my postings (a bit naughty that!) which you may have missed. Anyway; I have finally got around to adding it to my blog list and you can get there by clicking on the good lady’s pic (in her school uniform, below left).

Oh! And the box of knobs and wires pictured last time is my Doepfer modular electronic music synthesiser fronted (though lost in the shadows) by my Yamaha DX7 MK II FM synthesiser that I use to control it via a MIDI to voltage / trigger converter module (for those in the know or who actually care!).


Anonymous said...

No matter the subject, a close up view of a big, broad, widely-flared feminine bottom is welcomed by all of your fans. Keep up the excellent work your blog

Orage said...

Is the pony girl expected to budge an inch with those fetters on?