Sunday, 7 August 2011

Riotous in Tottenham

Hi folks! It has been a hell of a long time I know but here I am again. After the completion of the mamoth (for me) work that became in effect INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3 almost by default and the marathon writing task it turned out to be - taking well over 18 months from concept to completion – I was left feeling drained. I have had liitle enthusiasm since and a similar dearth of inspiration. What little inspiration I have had has come by way of the private commision I received and that I have mentioned before and what creative energies have been unleashed through that route I have ruthlesly harnessed to that cause. Even then progress has been slower than expected, though mostly that has been due to my having to take time off to do other things in the background to earn a crust and though I could of course put aside an hour or two every day to work on the project the ideas just do not come to me as if on schedule in that manner, on demand whenever I have a couple of free hours. I prefer to work in an uninterupted burst of at least a day at a time, though entire weeks are so much better. Still, quite a lot has been achived although I have held back on comleting the project until next week. I am going to the greek island of Koss (hope I spelled that right) for 10 days and it is poised to be one of those quite holidays with very little to do during which I'll easily have time to fit in at least 5 full days writing or more – and so that will be that. I recently went away for 7 nights to Sorrento in Italy but that was another story entirely having an itinary so packed with museum and archiological site visits that I didn't even bother to pack the netbook computer I ordinarily carry around with me.

The photo incidently represents one of the few moments of inspiration on my various travels, being the window I alluded to in an earlier entry that I photographed in Marbella, Southern Spain. The reason I have posted it up is that I intend to use the shot as the basis for a little experimental photo manipulation project I have in mind and the results of which you'll be able to judge for yourselves right here as I go along. Talking of photographs, I have been contacted by 'Wringer' the creative force behind what must be one of my favorite photo sets of all time saying that he is happy to have his pics featured here as long as they are correctly attributed to him – which is fine by me. Many you will have seen before – but possibly not all – and all have fired my imagination, spawning miriad scenarios and diverse creative pathways: Watch this space, as they say!

Now: why the odd title? You may well ask! Well we have just had a riot here in sunny Tottenham. I'll hopefuly have a few pics next time (before Wednesday when I fly out) as soon as I can work out how to coax them off my (not so smart) 'smartphone' 'camera phone' thingy. Not that exciting I know but I'll be more on the ball when I get back from my hols and it's all gonna get a lot more busy on the blog then. Just like the good ol' days when it got started! Bye 'till then!


Orage said...

Hi Garth! A long time indeed! I was despairing so I'm glad all's well. Enjoy your holidays!

Orage said...

Aren't you lucky! Actually it does seem to me that you're getting more than your fair share of holidaying abroad! :)
Orage, dispirited therefore envious.

Harry Standing said...

Hmm...Perhaps we should be pondering what we would do with all the silly young tarts arrested during the rioting. I can imagine a few shocked admissions procedures having been undertaken...though relatively tame relative to various US Jails and Detention Centres... :-)