Friday, 10 June 2011

Amother Excuse and a Weird Piece of Kit

I was going to to tell you all about the exciting new links I have added today. Except I'm not, because I forgot to email myself the document I'd prepared and now I'm out down the pub. The aforementioned document also contained the links I have just mentioned so that is the end of that for the time being – perhaps tomorrow? But what it was to have been about was something that came to light while doing a little research for that commission piece I mentioned last time.

Did you know that there was a specific jodhpurs fetish? Not just for horse riding gear generally or that fairly well known 'pony-girl' thing but jodhpurs in particular – not even 'riding britches' (no I don't know the difference either!). Not that the subject is necessarily connected to my client's interests - discretion is everything - but it just happened to crop up in a search I did (if you pardon the pun... crop, get it? riding crop? Oh, please yourselves!)

Well, there is quite an extensive literature it turns out and next time I shall be posting up a plethora of links to prove it (well, perhaps not a plethora). I'll also be adding a few new blogs to the blog listing, including a young lady who has added her blog link already as a comment someplace – I'm too pissed to remember where – naughty, that, but she has a nice school uniform she wears so I'll have to put that up as a focal point for a link just for the irony of it (and the fact that it looks great! Though it is typically American and she hails from South Shields – somewhere in the north of the UK apparently; but I'm a Londoner, what do I know?)

Meanwhile, here are a few shots of another of my little distractions – hands up who knows what it is,,, Yes, you at the back, there?

Looks technical though, doesn't it?


Orage said...

This post made me laugh out loud, quite literally!

No plethora of links, for pity's sake! I'd need another lifetime to peruse those you've already selected.

Looks technical? Looks just what I hate about computers: those forlorn wires, hanging about and catching dust.

Now would it be the back of a short wavelength radio?

Vlad said...

I hope you find those new links, you dredge up the most peculiar things. As for the mystery device, it is almost certainly an old analog synthesizer, possibly home made or kit built.

Orage said...

Garth, I just hope you'll answer your question if nobody finds the answer, not like the other time!

Anonymous said...

It's an orgone accumulator.

Colin said...

Like the pun, and the Frankie Howerd reference.
Can't wait to see those jodhpurs!

John said...
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