Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blogs Coming - But Mostly Going: A Sad Departure

I have just been informed of the sad passing of the author of ‘A taste of the birch’ which has now been duly removed from the blog list. Sad news, even though I didn’t know the author - my commiserations go out to his family and friends. I took the opportunity to have a quick skim through sidebar the blog list and found that ‘Spanking machines’ and ‘Count Tradition (Maid’s Uniforms)’ had also vanished and so they too have now been deleted from the list. Please always let me know if and when you come across a broken link or dead site as little bugs me more when visiting a site then finding long-dead links all over the place – and I don’t want this to become one of the aforementioned annoying sites. Bye the way; the pic today is from ‘Simply Slippering’ one blog that does still exist out there.
Some folk apparently don’t like the beer moustache in my profile photograph. It’s not a real one, you understand, just something that occurred by accident when I was messin’ with the image and that I decided to keep. I am not so coy now, so very soon a new unadulterated photo shall be substituted for it – just for you! Now it’s back to writing – and perhaps a few pints down at the Turnpike Lane Wetherspoons later (The Tollgate). If you see me there, computer balanced on lap (surreptitiously nicking the pub’s electricity) and pint in hand, don’t be shy – come up and have a chat; I only very rarely bite! Not if you feed me a few peanuts, anyway!


Orage said...

Alex Birch was a wonderful man, gentle, caring and witty. His death was deeply felt by an incredible amount of people who had never met him but who wrote to speak about him on the blog he had created (Flaming Cheeks).
I still grieve for him.
He was also a talented and humorous writer.
His 158 stories are to be found on this site:

Orage said...

As for the disappearance of "Spanking machines", I imagine its author must have run out of...machines precisely!