Thursday, 29 July 2010

More Blogs Gone!

Yup! I had another quick rummage through the blog list this morning and found two more blogs that have ceased to exist: 'Uncle Peter's Spanking Stories' and 'UK Spanking' have both been deleted and thus I have removed them from my sidebar blog list. A blog shutting down due to its author's demise is one thing, but let's hope that that these other deletions I have come across are not the vanguard of a trend towards loosing interest in blogging within the spanking community in particular or within the fetish community as a whole. What would be a gloomier portent would be if these disappearances proved to be part of a crackdown on the fetish community and the work of the burgeoning squads of internet thought-police and other 'concerned groups'. Let's hope that does not prove to be the case, but this phenomenon of blog shutdowns does seem to be accelerating! I did find this, though! Which cheered me up no end!

Changing the subject: I have finally changed my profile picture (see sidebar on right), though this will not change the pic associated with comments and postings I have made in the past. I have to admit this is still something of an interim solution as it does still show me as a youthful 42 year old. I did once post up a more recent photo of my fizog, taken of the computers webcam while swilling beer outside the very same public house wherein I am presently ensconced and from whence I am talking to you today. The thing is: I hate being photographed. Saying that; there have been one or two taken fairly recently that might make for a suitable current alternative so I'll see what I can sort out. I have also started to develop a FaceBook presence and although there is nothing of interest there at the moment, I intend in due course to develop a sort of socially-shared personal archive and develop a network of like-mined 'friends' (a few women would be nice! ...Hmmm... Perhaps there are advantages in keeping a ten year old profile shot!).


Anonymous said...

RE: Uncle Peter's Spanking Stories

There seems to have been a row between Uncle Peter and the proprietor of the "British Spanking Mags" blog. You can find some of the details at

Orage said...

Thank you for that new profile picture! I quite like it!

summertime75 said...

You still look like refugee from T-Rex, that said they were cool at the time LOL