Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Another Week, Another (Lulu) Gremlin - And a Special Offer!

Another week has drifted by in a confused haze of hard work and inspired struggle. So many ideas, so few words to paint them... And then, at this stage, one has to decide what to leave out - and that can often be hardest of all. But then again it is hard to maintain impetus when one receives an email from an outlet admitting that ones work has not appeared in the search results of visitors to their site for several weeks because of the action of 'gremlins'!!! None of this affects sales channels run through Andrews UK LTD such as the various eBook formats I must hasten to add (click to visit their site or check the links to the eBook editions displayed in the right hand sidebar). To Lulu's credit; they have created a discount scheme running for a limited period to compensate (click the advertisment below to take advantage and enter the code displayed on the add - BEACHREAD305)... and it did only affect volume 2 I suppose.

By way of a change of tack; I have added a couple of links to the 'Useful Resources' section of the right hand sidebar recently pointing to 'Mind Control Comics.com' and 'Mind Control Theatre.com. The latter showcases several interesting films, certain of which seem not totally unrelated in terms of content to some part of the angle that I approach my writing from; though I tend to explore 'around the edges' a lot more. It is important to note that the subject of mind control is only one component among many making up the story arc of the INSTITUTIONALISED series, others of which include, but are not limited to' C.P, discipline, incarceration and uniforms - the latter is seen both a bolster to project authoritarianism and as a tool for humiliation and to promote submissive behaviour in the wearer.
In addition; I recently (ie; in the last couple of weeks or so) added a new blog to the sidebar blog list in response to an email - but I have forgotten the title and now can't find the original email. Perhaps, have a flick through and check for anything you have not come across before?


Dante d'Amore said...

I've often considered looking into the LuLu-type route instead of dealing with the headaches of traditional publishing houses. That 15% might just be what I need to make me jump. Thanks!

Toyntanen said...

Hi Dante d'Amore!

I wouldn’t, given my time again. There are all sorts of headaches with LULU and that 15% off voucher is just a symptom of one of them – it turns out that one of my titles had disappeared off of their search engine for several weeks and so the money off voucher is supposed to boost sales for a limited period to make up for that. The hit-rate on LULU is not very good for this type of literature (not that their hit counter works any more) and if anything goes wrong, just try contacting them!!! What really got my goat was that I had some very nice reviews for my first book that I was very proud of. Anyway: they rearranged their site and all but a couple of the 10 reviews I had received just disappeared, including all the most erudite needless to say!