Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Cupcake Innovation - (I bet that's got you thinking!)

Hi again folks!

Although my last posting was dated Wednesday I actually pasted it up on Thursday– go figure. I have to admit that I had created it the night before and saved it as a draft copy, so perhaps that is just the way that Google's Blogger works, who knows. Right at this minute I am in the Turnpike Lane (an obscure area of North London) branch of Wetherspoons, where I am working on a piece that I have been developing over the last couple of days and that is, in turn, based on the idea that I spoke about recently regarding pyjamas. It is sometimes quite amazing how one little idea can lead t the next and the next and the next, but that has certainly turned out to be the case here. To be truthful it is not actually the aspect of my heroine being put in institutional pyjamas 24/7 in itself that has been the spur, so much as the change in circumstance that it entails. The latest development revolves around a tray of cupcakes and a tempting pile of chocolate chunks. Concerned about her figure (and what young woman isn't) our heroine declines the proffered treat - easily understandable given her ambition to be a dancer and the fact that already she has gained weight, having been surreptitiously fed a calorie-enriched diet (but that is a different story). She is strong willed but she is in the hands of a skilled psychologist – can it be long before she gives in to temptation, especially given the fact that her diet to date has been a deliberately bland concoction of soya protein? But what then? What if she does succumb? Will she receive her reward - and a few more pounds piled on around her middle - or will she have first to bend across the doctor's lap, feeling the latter's black leather skirt pressing against her abdomen and that implacable woman's leather-gloved palm skinning her plump buttocks? Oh God! I wish I wasn't in public!!!

At this point the uninitiated are probably asking themselves what this is all about. What is all this crap about cupcakes? Well, you see, I am something of a realist and I happen to know - from experience I might add - that your average woman is not going to submit to a darn good spanking, let alone a caning, without out some form of leverage. I have lived the lifestyle and in the case of the young lady that I most usually would have bent over my knee in the 1980s it was her relationship with my wife of the time that was the lever. Ironically the threat of banishing her from the home was sufficient to have her surrender to my belt, even though one would having thought that running away would have been the easier option. Its all a question of psychology, you see.

And the picture, above left? Purely incidental and equally purely gratuitous. By the way: Hands up who wants another picture of the author pissed - only I have my 'netbook' with me and it does have a built in camera! Let me know soon as I have to up and leave before long...Bye.

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Anonymous said...

A change of picture of the author? By all means! Better if not pissed.
"the threat of banishing her from the home was sufficient to have her surrender to my belt": who wants to be suddenly thrown out in the cold? She was just practical!