Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Yet More Pyjama Spanking - And Even a Hint of Enforced Weight-Gain

Hi folks! I'm working from home today, I have to get uploaded the substantial backlog of work that I have scribbled down in my trusty notebook wall in various pubs over the last week or so. It's true that thanks to my little netebook computer that I now habitually carry around with me, quite a lot of work already exists in various files. But the thing's battery life is limited whilst my appetite for ales not quite so and I still end up scribbling copious notes. I'm still working on the cupcake thing that follows on from the initial interview / interrogation scene which in turn is the part that involves our heroine being put in shapeless stripey institutional pyjamas, which - to turn full circle -play an interesting pivotal role in the cupcake scene.

Actually, it has been surprising just how much interest there has been in the whole pyjama concept and so, thanks to an anonymous contributor who wrote to tip me off, I have today added a link in the sidebar blog list to 'Girls Pyjama Spanking'. I couldn't resist taking a quick gander and found it to be a fascinating blog, the most recent posting featuring a marvellous little photo set based around a delectable little thing called Kami Robertson. Needless to say I also couldn't resist having a quick Google around her name looking for more examples and of course I got sidetracked, but in so doing was led to the work of an artist that I hadn't come across before called Kami Tora, see the art work above left - just click on it to see more of his work or look out for the link in the 'Useful Resources' section of the right-hand sidebar. Of course I then had to Google for a bit more of this artist's work which in turn lead to yet another diversion and the evocative little photo, below on the right - I have yet to visit the site it originated from - WWW.nurse-helena.fr - in fact I dare not as I just know that I would get totally sidetracked and get absolutely nothing done for the rest of the day.

So from this point all it's back to the grindstone, although it is not all been frivolous Web surfing today. To go back to the 'Girls Pyjama Spanking' blog again, just for the moment; I came across a comment posted by blog's writer as regards the featured pyjama-clad girl saying something along the lines of how, despite one particular pair looking perhaps a little large on her, nevertheless once the girl was bent over her " perfectly round bum filled them gloriously ". Of course the depicted pyjamas are nothing like the baggy shapeless green and white stripey institutional things I envisage our heroine, in but it was that bit about her bum filling them that " gloriously" that got me thinking. There is a similarity to a certain piece of dialogue that I've been working on over the last couple of days, just something that the institution's psychiatrist mentions about wanting to see the girl in her charge " fill out those pyjamas". I've been thinking that what with the girl only possessing that one pair that the doctor has given her and being confined either to the doctor's office - where she is questioned day in day out - or the little room that leads off of it, with the minimal facilities that implies, several weeks or perhaps a couple of months in to her residency those pyjamas are unlikely to feel so fresh on. When she is informed that her guardian will be paying her a visit in addition to the humiliation engendered by her appearance she is horrified by the way that woman will perceive her personal hygiene.

By now the shapeless pyjama bottoms no longer fit quite so loosely around her waist hips and bottom and despite any misgivings she may have regarding her blossoming figure she has at least cheered by the fact that she no longer has to continually struggle to keep them from falling around her ankles - something she would find particularly humiliating in front of her hated guardian. One can imagine the relief when she is reassured by the doctor that in return for some new level of co-operation she will be rewarded with a nice fresh crisp clean pair - then comes the dilemma. The good doctor lets slip that the only pair available in the girl's size are the ones she has one - the nice new clean pair she holds up in front of the girl are a good couple of sizes too large. If she wants to wear these in front of her visitor she can but with this privilege comes a price; she must bend for six strokes of the doctor's cane across her bare behind just prior to meeting her visitor. She must also accept the equally baggy and shapeless bloomers that come with the new pyjamas and which of course, like the pyjamas, are also devoid of waist elastic or any other method of fastening at the waist. She has been told many many times that pyjama cords, lengths of elastic and the like can present a danger to psychiatric patients - the implication is not lost on her and the tedium of having to constantly walk around holding up her pyjama trousers and now her underwear keeps that thought ever fresh and in the front of her mind. She has a choice but there is a deep element of humiliation attached to either. In addition there is the bitter humiliation of the meeting itself haunting her; she is told that she is to greet her guardian pleasantly and politely, she is to thank the woman for being kind enough to visit her, she had to say how well she is being looked after in the hospital and how thankful she is for being under the good doctor's care. She also has to recite in detail the long list of ways her therapy is benefiting her - a list ingrained by hour upon hour of tedious line writing impositions under the doctor's supervision - and how at home she is now beginning to feel in the institution. The latter is not entirely an untruth given her months of isolation and almost constant indoctrination at the hands of a skilled psychologist. Throughout, she is told, she must sit up straight with her hands on her head, listening without comment to everything her guardian has to say. If given certain papers and documents to sign she is to do so without question or hesitation. The doctor is going to be present throughout the visit and any failing on the girl's part will earn her six strokes of the doctor's cane across her bare buttocks in front of her visitor and another six strokes later on, once her visitor has left, followed by a prolonged period of isolation locked in the cramped little anteroom with just the hospital bed and desk for company..And a surprisingly subtle punishment of the doctor's own devising of which I shall say no more for fear of giving too much away.

See you later, folks. PS: don't forget, the beer drinkers amongst you, that is the London Beer Festival at Camden Town Hall on Wednesday Thursday and Friday of this week, though I'm not sure yet which day I shall attend.


Madmonkey said...

This is all very interesting. I personally don't really understand the pajamas thing however. I always believed that women are more uncomfortable naked than men are. So it would seem to follow that a set of fully covering loose pajamas would be more comforting than anything else and in particular when they find themselves facing a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to thank you for your suggestions for my additional punishment and as part of my penance provide you with an update on how my Aunt has chosen to apply your thoughts.
Based on your suggestion for a full body underwear garment I am now, in addition to my green woollen knickers, wearing a round necked woollen school cardigan in reverse, buttoned down my back at all times, under my shirt or dress. I am to do this until I have completed the knitting of the single piece woollen underwear garment you described and which I have started to produce. I am knitting it from coarse grey wool with a cross diamond Arran pattern so that the discomfort when worn next to my skin will be maximized and the seams will be left proud for the same purpose. In addition to the elasticated wrists, legs, neck and waist you suggested, the wearing of a cardigan in reverse has highlighted the additional discomfort resulting from the wearing of sleeves manufactured to face forwards when reversed. I am therefore knitting the bodice currently so that the sleeves in the undergarment are facing to the reverse. When complete I will wear this item at all times being unbuttoned only for toilet visits or receipt of corporal punishment. This will ensure no unauthorized toilet visits and obviously be a constant and uncomfortable reminder of the consequences of failing to wear my uniform correctly. My workplan should complete the item in about ten days time after which I will then knit a second similar garment. At this time my Aunt will assign how long the punishment of wearing this is to be applied for and the frequency of change I will be permitted.
I am also to have my hair cut short above my ears ending my previous 15 months of wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail. This will be carried out in front of one of my Aunt’s work colleagues on Sunday prior to my public spanking and thereafter be maintained short.
At this stage I have not been confined to an all woollen uniform at work but this may be applied when I have completed the four week punishment I have just received. I have made an apology for my uniform failure to my work supervisor and my Aunt has invited her to our house a week on Sunday. Due to my misbehavior I already know that I will be spanked since I am not spanked only if my behavior has been exceptional during the week. Hence any remaining miniscule vestiges of respect I have, given the uniformed state I attend work under, will be removed by being beaten in front of her and then made to stand in the corner with my hands on my head.
Last Sunday my Aunt, in addition to my spanking, also administered a painful whipping to my calfs using a “marionette” I believe she said which a colleague at her work who comes from Spain provided to her. Apparently her colleague told her that she does have a larger version for use to the hands, thighs or buttocks which she could provide to her if she wanted.
I hope this update demonstrates that as my Aunt stated I will have suggested punishments applied as part of my lesson that when I misbehave there is no upper limit to the penance I will receive. Further suggestions will also be applied and I would like to thank you in advance for anything which further assists my deserved punishment.

Anonymous said...

To me, "Judith" is just the product of a sick mind.
Quite unbelievable! I'd like Garth's opinion.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Madmonkey et al. While it's true a young woman may feel uncomfortable naked and had I set the thing in the Victorian era for example I would probably have gone down that route, the modern miss is often not at all shy about showing off her body. the concept of 'shame' just does not exist to the same extent that it did in earlier times - thus the problem I have with the suggestions that one used to come across in Janus - and other magazines of its like - that girls be put in short skirts and the like,

Having to shuffle around with one hand holding up her pyjama bottoms would become very demoralizing very quickly. Remember also that the whole rational is to help her to feel more like a mental patient and thus to induce some measure of acceptance. And as for protection against a spanking or caning - well those bottoms can swiftly be yanked down. Indeed, just insisting she place her hands on her head will be sufficient to ensure they end up piled around her ankles in seconds. (I have also considered examination gowns and one can well imagine a straitjacket being pressed into service)

Now we get to Anonymous' comments regarding the subject of Judith and her Aunt: Well this puts me in a very difficult position. Obviously not directly related to my work and not written in the same spirit shall we say. Nevertheless the fact remains that when I started the blog I did make the point that contributions are welcome from all standpoints (with the exception of snuff, pedophilia, stuff dealing with minors and the like ). I also stated that I wanted to include as many related yet disparate fetishes and interests as I could realistically weave into my story arcs (another factor behind my inclusion of the pyjama thing). The thing is; realistic or not, one never knows when some inspirational gold nugget will originate in such a contribution - and I would hate to miss out on some really juicy original idea by putting off folks from writing in.