Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Couple More from my Pyjama Research and the Links I Promised

Yesterday I updated the Blog list with the following blogs, all worth a visit:
Domestic Discipline Dreams; Age Play & Domestic Discipline; The art of corporal punishment; The Spank Statement; Au Fil des Jours…Au Gre Du temps (The last is a french language site - obviously). Links to all can be found in the blog roll situated in the sidebar to the right or you can just click on the blog titles to visit. I have also added a link to a collection of artworks by ‘Herric’ (Chéri Hérouard) on Flikr. An example of this artist's work may be viewed below, left, just click to visit or see sidebar for link.

Finally: I just couldn't resist pasting up another couple of examples of the fruits of my 'pyjama research' I regaled you with last time. The drop-seat variety seem open to a multitude of possibilities, if you pardon the pun, but I still favour the idea of a baggy, ill-fitting institutional style for our young lady at the present - as I outlined last time.


Anonymous said...

Well, i'd say baggy and ill-fitting but ALSO open at the back!

Toyntanen said...

Oh God yes!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like keeping a young lady in pyjamas, especially if they are the baggy, ill-fitting kind, to teach her a lesson if she misbehaves. Some good examples can be seen at the following link:

Anonymous said...

The black and white photo of the pyjama clad young lady ,reminds me of my Mum punishing me, in the early 1990's.I was caned or slippered for poor school reports or breaking her quite strict house Rules etc.She liked to send me to my room to undress and come back down in pyjamas as the trousers were so easy to remove.Then after a lecture I had to bend over a kitchen chair I was often already shedding a few tears, whilst she removed my trousers! Moments later I would be gasping as her whippy rattan cut across my bare bum.The nunber of strokes varied between six and ten. Despite my repeated protests I was caned like that until I was 19 and in University ! We have talked about this in recent years and from a distance I have admitted I did deserve it-mostly- and that she had the right to cane me. Anne