Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Couple of Blogs for You to explore - Most Inspiring

Hi folks; still not quite ready to resume normal service here in grey, rainy, miserable London - not quite. I have a little bit of document scanning to catch up on first - and a visit or two to the local weights gym to begin to rid myself of some of the excess blubber I'm presently carrying (although I guess compare to a lot of UK humanity I might be considered reasonably slim... considering)

I have to venture out in this damn pissing rain in a moment but, but earlier to cheer myself up (and to probe around for a little bit of inspiration for INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3) I had a little search around on the Internet. Then came across a delicious little blog called - Winterbrook Hall - just click to visit.

Based on a - presumably fictitious - series of diaries from the Edwardian period the storyline revolves around the contents of these diaries and, to quote from the site, "[gives] a special insight into the social mores of the time. They are often sexually explicit and the theme of the corporal punishment is one that occurs many times." The part that caught my eye was mention of two young women, aged seventeen and nineteen, who having been recently left alone in the world by bereavement (and one presumes left destitute) are soon to be taken in by the household concerned. The discussion that ensures as to their continued discipline and schooling and whether or not that should continue within the household under the tutelage of a governess - and indeed as to the qualities required of the governess herself - makes fascinating and exciting reading, interspersed as it is with various dealings regarding the household maids and their discipline and corporal punishment etc.

At one point a private school is visited by the two girl's soon-to-be guardian to assess its suitability - and here again I just have to quote from the work: "The girl was, I guess seventeen or eighteen years of age. Dark haired and green-eyed, her hair pulled back in a girlish pony-tail. She was dressed in the Kingsmead uniform of a blue-trimmed white sailor dress, a straw boater completing the outfit. She stood in front of the headmaster’s desk, twisting her fingers nervously behind her back." Click here to read this section.

The whole sailor suit thing is something I have been giving serious thought to four INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3 - wherein part of the plot involves the total immersion in a completely convincing and detailed Victorian world of the small group of modern young ladies - and indeed such an outfit is hinted at, albeit fairly vaguely, at the end of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2. I just sort of assumed navy blue as predominant colour, suitably childish with a pleated skirt and perhaps a white trim. But the above variation has stimulated several ideas and possibilities in my mind that I will now have to consider - an exciting prospect in itself to be honest!

Thorn's Spanking Stories, is another one to visit, being by the same author as Winterbrook Hall, above (again, just click to visit or look in the blog list, to be found in the right-hand sidebar). Enjoy! See you later, Garth


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be EXCESS blubber rather than access? I've already told you: you write too fast and you don't re-read! :-)

Anonymous said...

But I do forgive you for giving us access to such sites.

Toyntanen said...

Yes, Yes - you've got me there! You see, that is one of the drawbacks of using voice recognition dictation - and doing so in a hurry!

sixofthebest said...

I always love to see old-fashioned bloomers on display, when spanking a naughty woman It makes the photo more erotic. Of course the bloomers should then be removed from the naughty ladies bottom, so that a painfull spanking implement, such as a cane, can be applied vigoriously on her derriere.