Monday, 14 September 2009

I Am Back: Normal Service Will be Resumed Shortly!

Hi folks! Many, many apologies for the delay to all those awaiting my return and many, many thanks to all those who have left comments or emailed me in the interim - I will reply to all concerned over the next couple of days or so.

So where have I been, what happened? Well,first of all the work I told you about last time took up more time / brain power than expected. The first two pieces of research went ok but took 50% longer than expected. Then there was a delay and some queries before I received the rest of the brief and the go-ahead to tackle the rest of the project - which again took around 50% longer than I had planned for. Yes I could have visited the blog during that delay period; but I had my 'professional head' on and also had to take calls / emails regarding queries as well as take on a bit of additional research so I found it just did not seem appropriate and I just couldn't turn my mind to it. It was still very worth well though because it paid extremely well, even taking into account the additional work and time involved - and I hit all the deadlines and the client was more than happy with the result. So with any luck I'll pick up more desk research work as a result,either from the same client or as a result of recommendation.

Then of course, having finished and with my invoice in and my fee winging its way to my bank account, it was time for a little celebratory drinky or two. But what with being just a little mentally exhausted and having met up with some like-minded chums, down in Brighton on the South Coast - and the weather being favourable, ie sunny - this quickly became a seven day bender. I never drink while working, but I do like to make up for it after! Haven't been to the gym though so deteriorated physically - I will be making up for that this week. Meanwhile, I'm still a little shaky so it it will be a day or two before I knock out a real blog entry - but I do have a couple of interesting items lined up ready, one of which is from a really unlikely source!



Normal service! I don't want that, I want the fun twisted service that I have come to expect from this blog :)


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back, I can forgive your long delay. Gosh, but it was a long one!!!!!

Toyntanen said...
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Toyntanen said...

" The fun twisted service that I have come to expect from this blog" - But that is normal service...I hope!

sixofthebest said...

Perfect photo, of a perfect old fashhioned setting, of a naughty lady being disciplined on her naked bare bottom by a pliable cane.