Friday, 24 July 2009

Spanking in Crete? (And the Rest of that Gymslip / School Knickers Punishment Photo' Set)

Probably not, unless the room maid falls down on her job - who knows? In short: I'm off to Crete - Agios Nikolaos to be more exact. I am Leaving tomorrow morning and will be away for eight or nine days thereafter, but I'll be staying at a friend's place for the rest of today and tonight so I guess this will be the last posting for around a week and a half or so, what with one thing or the other. I'm hoping to get some writing done while away, so I'll let you know on my return. Now for the rest of that photo' set I have been baning on about (see above) sorry if the layout is a bit rough and ready, but I am in a bit of a rrrrush! The holiday is all a bit 'last minute, you see...I mean really last minute!!! The pics are not too brilliant, I know, and a bit tame in today's world; but nevertheless at least I can be sure you wont have seen them before... Or at least I'm 99.9% certain - let me know. And how often do we get to see those great old baggy school knickers! Actually I have just discovered a few more of this set but i am not going to try to add them right now - I have had enough trouble trying to arrange these! Since 'upgrading' to Explorer 8 I have had nothing but trouble with the formatting on Blogger. Any ideas?

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Madmonkey said...

That is an interesting question. Did ancient Greeks or Romans spank. I don't know if I've ever heard any account that said they did. More than likely they did however, at least when their children were small.