Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Real Ale & A Chance to Meet up

Well, its Wednesday already and I have to admit having neglected the site somewhat - but then I have been hard at work finishing off volume 2. What with the builders being in and one or two other distractions I am not sure if volume 2 will be quite ready, as originally hoped, by this weekend, but I'm still trying!
As you can see from the poster reproduced here, there is a beer festival taking place in London (Camden Town Hall - not desperately near Camden though). It starts today and goes on until Friday evening (click on pic for more details). I am attending Friday lunch time (although I may also be there tomorrow lunch time) and it was my plan to do some of the final proofreading during and after (in a pub local to the venue). I know that sounds insane, but I am dyslexic and ironically I have found that I can read / understand / better after a few pints (within reason - I think it improves my concentration or drowns out distractions or something like that). Anyway, if you like real ale, if you live near or around London (or are blindingly rich and flying in for the day from LA or where ever), more importantly; if you don't mind getting completely pissed (or 'rat-arsed' as we Brits sometimes more politely say) then you are hereby cordially invited to join me - I'm easy to spot, even in a crowd (an obvious - if fine - example of beer-swilling, maturely-depraved, long-haired heavy-metal manhood). You can always email me first if you are dubious / afraid (I might even give out my text info - gosh!). Afraid you might taste something, larger-boy? to quote a certain ale advert - Wychwood, Hobgoblin (I hope I've spelled that right - but somehow I doubt I have) for this sites usual content...normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...probably later this evening (my time).
PS: I just checked the spelling and guess what? I only got it right, didn't I...Blimey O'Reily!. Oh, by the way - Happy St Patrick's day ... yesterday, to any time-traveling Irish folk who might be out there!
PPS: My email, for those that don't already know:

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