Thursday, 29 January 2009

Botox, Induced Debility, Speech 'Therapy' and Discipline

Hi folks: I just thought you might be interested in some further correspondence” that has been taking place between myself and a contributor as regards the creative use of Botox. By the way, for an excuse for the pic, see the bottom of this section.

Dear Garth, I completely agree with you that the use of a drug like Botox should be use as an introduction to some debility or to facilitate the task convincing a girl that some dysfunction must be remedied by some mean that is unappealing to her; be it shame, embarrassment, discomfort, motion restrictions, humiliation... Once a remedy is introduced, proper encouragement by the nurse or governess on how improved the girl is, can be used in lieu of Botox. Once the effectiveness on the muscles weans and the girl regains her ability, she has already been conditioned mentally to the idea that the remedy is simply part of her life and has been fully integrated into her daily ritual. Should the girl insist that she can now do without the remedy (I say ‘remedy’ but am thinking ‘brace’ of some sort), the governess or nurse would acquiesce to the girl’s request that she do without. Then over the course of a week or a month or two, small quantities could be injected gradually to the point where it could be worst that originally, until the girl ask the nurse for her brace (there I said it), this is certainly a sign that the girl is more firmly under the control of governess or nurse. I can see her now humbly asking: “I would eternally grateful if you could find my brace, I’ve looked everywhere…” Yes, she did say ‘my’ brace, after all the indoctrination to integrate it into her daily ritual, paid off!””

Dear........I found you comments / ideas re Botox very exciting indeed; especially as regards your use of the word 'remedy' – it really embodies the cynicism of the situation, the caring aid that is in actuality quite the opposite. It brings to mind yet again the 'negative therapy' handed out in that 1930s psychology experiment in which they induced stuttering in normal speakers (that really caught my imagination - as I think you have probably guessed by now – and has ironically been instrumental in holding up vol 2 as I keep returning to it). Incidentally, NewScientist (a British science mag) recently reported an experiment wherein researchers deliberately induced flashbacks (albeit mild) in volunteer subjects by showing them, repeatedly, a series of harrowing scenes – so psychological science still retains the ability to approach the unethical at times.

In this way I like to think of the term 'remedy' in the context of which we are speaking as also potentially including regular visits to the psychotherapist.”

The correspondent concerned also provided a short but very interesting, creative and inspiring vignette based on a young lady's visit to the dentist...doesn't sound to exciting put like that I suppose but the potential is enormous as I thing you would appreciate if you read it. And hopefully you'll be able to as I will be contacting the writer again soon and will ask his permission to share it with you.

Today, after my morning gym visit, I shall be settling down to write, probably in a Weatherspoons somewhere (pub)...most probably in Palmers Green or Turnpike lane, North London – although I might just be found in the Holly Bush in Hampstead later on. Pop in for a pint...I'll be the long haired-chap (some say having a passing resemblance to Slash – out of Guns-n-Roses, Velvet revolver) sitting scribbling away in the corner. Today's projects are to write a foreword setting out the story so far and linking to the present – necessary for those who have neglected to have previously read INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 – and a detailed description of the school uniform that Lavinia's 'aunt' put her in when she was staying with her. I expect that I'll probably also get sidetracked at some point into doing some more work on that psychological induction of stuttering thing that I have been going on about now for some time...this will be my little reward for having completed my day's self-set tasks – It's going to take self control, but I'm going to hold back on that – I'll enjoy it all the more in the satisfying glow of a day's work well done. Talking of the latter...the photo manip at the top of this post? The speech therapist? What do you think?

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