Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Really Flattering Comment and a Few Distractions

As you probably know, very few folks actually leave comments on this blog even though I do enjoy quite a thriving email correspondence, some of which I share in one form or another here. On those rare occasions that someone does leave a comment it had been my habit to reiterate it in one of my posts because for some reason or other (that I don't really understand) comments do not automatically directly appear.

It is particularly gratifying therefore to have received the following comment from

"Hi Garth, just read the first volume of your Institution book and thought it was just great. I loved the delicious detail and could just imagine what it would be like to be caught up in such a situation! Please keep going with the second volume. I can't wait to read more."

As much as I encourage negative criticism where it is due (it is always very helpful) right at this moment something like this makes all the difference - struggling as I am with a particularly complex bit of narrative (a part absolutely essential to the completion of volume 2, unfortunately) and forever sidetracked by my growing obsession with the induced-stuttering thing that has so caught my imagination in recent months (and that right at this moment I'd far rather be writing about) I have become rather discouraged of late. A comment like this means the world to me!!!

Changing the subject: The pic at the top someone sent me: I just thought it particularly evocative of the whole 'admissions procedures thing' that those old Janus correspondents used to wax lyrical about. Quite stimulating of the old grey cells don't you think? You can make up your own story around it I'm sure - but if you do, why not share it with a few friends? Nudge, nudge, wink. wink.

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Paindoc said...

There are probably a lot more of your admirers out there. I know I'm one -- I can't wait to read volumes 2 (and 3!) and think your blog is one of the best fetish sites and resources ever. Truly a labour of love. Keep on writing, please!