Thursday, 15 January 2009

BaredAffair-Archive2:More of Roger Benson's Art - A Link From an Anonymous Contributor

Hi folks, just a quickie today as I am hard at work on the last bits of INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 (as I said I would be).

An anonymous contributor (the same one? who knows - he / she is anonymous) has sent in another link to a story purportedly by Roger Benson and featuring his artwork, including one or two pics I haven't seen before, which is a rare thing.

He / she writes: " Another story with some "judicial" content may be found at URL

There's a single PDF file in this directory, which is the story".

(You can also click the image above to go straight to the groups home page)

This turns out to be a secondary or annex group to to the BaredAffair yahoo group featured in my last post. The story basically follows on from the reformatory story outlined in my last post and follows the girls after their release. I like the idea of the retention of some part of their reformatory uniform for a post reformatory probation period which is an approach - without giving too much away - I have used regarding one of the characters inhabiting INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 whereby a special uniform has to be devised to keep her psychologically 'connected' to the institution after she is granted a short respite and a temporary release from the residential experimental psychology trial she has been enrolled in. Rest assured; she might be residing in the 'outside' world but she is still anything but free, indeed she will be kept under a very tight rein indeed - as you will come to appreciate in volume 3 - a strict governess, Victorian discipline and up-to-date psychological manipulation will see to that! Another interesting facet was the appraisal and measurement of a girl's vital statistics and intervention by way of a weight-loss diet (of sorts - very vague) and the prescription of very full and thick rubber knickers to aid in hip and bottom reduction. Once again it reads like a sketchy version of something I have lined up in volume 2, wherein we see the hospital's dietitian go to work on one of the hapless girls and come to appreciate how little control these young ladies have over their lives; they maybe clinical trial volunteers but that doesn't mean they have any say in the matter, nor can they just walk out - very much the opposite. Think what could be done with a lithe young thing, proud of her figure and with ambition built around the Royal Ballet, who's rationale in the first place was to gain enough financial independence through her 90 day participation in this experimental psychology trial to combat her guardian's objections and follow her dream - but that was 18 months ago!

In any case it is worth perusing the BaredAffair yahoo group's file sections, both 1 and 2, generally; there is a regularly (up to 2007 anyway) posted spoof pro-spanking magazine that incorporates many interesting illustrations - again, some of which I haven't seen before.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous again. It was not clear from your post whether or not you were aware that that is also a "just" Bared Affair with no 1 or 2 attached:

This group doesn't seem to contain any interesting Benson stories but there are some Bared Affair magazines. It's interesting to note that in the magazine masthead Roger Benson is listed as Artist/Researcher.