Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Addendum to my Last Post - A Link to More Roger Benson Art

Yes I know I still have to complete my last posting, but I still have some computer issues, relationship problems (mostly in my own head - I think I'm going slightly mad...must keep off the booze...have to keep of the booze........ok then, just one more pint). Most of all I am trying to motivate myself to get volume 2 finished (so near, but so far).

The Botox ideas that were sent in got the juices flowing again...but then I had another (possibly alcohol-induced) emotional crash. Yesterday I again got going, albeit transcribing from notes that I had already written but in so doing I started to slowly get back into it. Until I really get going I am going to concentrate on the book. Once I have built up a bit of momentum / enthusiasm I will be able to put more energy into this site. I have promised myself not to drink until I get Volume 2 onto Lulu at least, so I have some impetus to get it done, even if initially it might have a temporary cover so as to save time. I have to do the cover art (if you can call it that) myself and as I can't afford to buy royalty-free images and I have to be aware of copyright restrictions, I have to build up the images from my own photographs and stuff I can create myself - and I can't afford to employ a model, to get that all-important erotic aspect to the imagery. Any one have any ideas how I can get the final cover to look exciting (in terms of its likely readership) and illustrate something of the ideas within?

And now for the real reason for this post:

An anonymous contributor added this comment to my last post which you might have missed so I thought I'd flag it up here:

"There is a defunct Yahoo group called "BaredAffair-Archive1" that contains a PDF that purports to be the story that accompanies these picture. The PDF file contains the pictures. Go to URL and look for the file ArtOfSpanking_byRogerBenson.pdf."

I know it involves the hastle of signing up for yet another yahoo group but it is well worth the trouble - let me know if you have any trouble getting to it and I'll fix up a proper link. The story the correspondent refers to is pretty good and it is surprising how many parallels there are to some of the events in INSTITUTIONALISED volume 1 (especial as regards the school desks, some will notice) even though I have never seen it before and so doubt its authenticity / purported antiquity somewhat. I was particularly pleased to to see the amount of effort and importance placed on dealing with admission procedures (complete with illustrations) which is an area often missed by many authors. I would liked to have seen a bit more by way of descriptive prose as regards the cutting of their hair etc but overall, give or take one or two inconsistencies (the girls are in the reformatory for a couple of months, yet somehow their hair grows back), the only real disappointment was the brevity of their sentences. As regards to the latter; I would like to have seen a year, minimum. At one stage the judge that has sentenced them visits them in the reform school towards the end of their sentence (they haven't been told the length, which is a very nice touch) and I was getting all excited imagining that he was just about to extend / restart their sentence under some pretext. I remember reading a similar thing once (in Blushes I think ) where the sentence (unofficial of course, nothing to do with the real legal system) was at least a year, but with no maximum tariff, ie it could, and would, be extended on a whim.

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Anonymous said...

Another story with some "judicial" content may be found at URL

There's a single PDF file in this directory, which is the story.