Sunday, 9 November 2008

New: Spanish Language Spanking Blog Links Added

Since I am not at my desk and can do little toward actually writing today, I have been perusing the net for inspiration (and further artwork links / pics to replace those I've lost). Having recently received a number of hits from South America I have started looking around at Spanish speaking blogs and sites. And guess what? There is a whole untapped (from my point of view) world out there, which is great because I have been learning Spanish on and off and I'm not very good at it, but this could just be the impetus I need and it satisfies that exploratory urge of mine at the same time: what will I find? What new ideas are there? Its a whole new world. To get you started there is Spanking en Espanol; well worth a visit, just click on the pic above that I nicked from it (I hope they don't mind!). Keep an eye on the side bar - I shall shortly be adding a series of Spanish language blog links and perhaps a whole section of Spanish language spanking and discipline related resources.

Meanwhile why not try this other one (click on right hand pic); it has an extensive archive worth searching through - and don't be put off if Spanish isn't your thing; pictures work in any language...and then God gave us BableFish.

I'll be working on finishing INSTITUTIONALISED volume 2 for most of the rest of the week and hope to bring you a proof extract soon - keep your eyes peeled!

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