Wednesday, 5 November 2008

An INSTITUTIONALISED 2 Update, Some Problems with My Spanking Artwork Links and a Solution

Hi again, folks:
Most of yesterday (Tuesday) was spent chopping backwards and forwards between the final two chapters of volume 2 - provisionally entitled Police Camera Action and An Imposition Of Uniform - working simultaneously on both as the ideas came. They're not the final two chapters as will appear in the book, you must understand - those are both virtually completed and have been for some time, although they don't even have provisional titles at the moment. An Imposition of Uniform, in actuality, comes somewhere in the centre of the work, while Police Camera Action fits in between that chapter and the last two chapters. An Imposition Of Uniform is not really a full, standalone chapter as such but rather is the centrepiece of a chapter and it is told in flashback, relating the life of one of my characters, Lavinia Vitesse, before she got talked (coerced would perhaps be more accurate) into volunteering to reside in a private hospital’s secure psychiatric wing as clinical research subject.

Moving on, I have been back in the gym and an beginning the process of fighting back to full fitness and also put aside a little time to search around the Internet for things to inspire me. Talking of the latter, I came across a nice little site that appeared to be Russian but was chock-full of all sorts of corporal punishment, discipline and bondage artworks and drawings by such as John Willie, Bishop, Paula Meadows, Ashley et al. I will be posting links to each artist's work in the resource list in the sidebar in the very near future and I may add a couple of pictures to this posting later in the day with links to the relevant pages.

All of which turns out to be very timely because when I went to check my list of art resources in said sidebar - to compare the content (I try not to duplicate resources and content) - I found that many of the links that connected via a common site no longer worked as that site appears to be down or no longer exists. I have just this minute removed all the broken links from the resource list and I shall endeavour to find sources for any artist whose work I cannot find on the aforementioned Russian language site. For starters and to get you into the site here is a typically cruel Ashley illustration - there are three pages of 'em there (a lot of his stuff used to appear in the old Justice Magazine in the 1970s/80s, incidentally). Simply click on the drawing on the left to view Ashley's work or the one on the right to view Cato's drawings and then you can find your way around the rest of the site when you get there, although I will be posting up individual links to each artist's work that is featured there because quite a lot of it has inspired my ideas in the past and undoubtedly will continue to do so in future. Keep your eye on the sidebar. Incidentally, the site is called bdsm on line and has a Russian URL (the home page address is but I can't help wondering if there is an English-language version out there somewhere hidden away. But who cares anyway - pictures paint a thousand words whatever language and there is a wealth of art work, gratis and for nothing - grab 'em while they're hot!

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