Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Another Little Bit of Inspiration, Some Plans...and Some Excuses

Hi folks
More apologies are due for the sparsity of posts but I'm still been plagued by intermittent computer problems, my scanner/printer is down (I bought a new one about six weeks ago but have yet to connect it up) and I have been lumbered throughout most of the past weekend with helping the ‘other half’ with some desk research for an article on bridal wear. In between, what little time as has been left has pretty much been used up grinding away at a sticking point in volume 2, a particularly crucial but difficult to write chapter with several twists and turns and that in all honesty is all that stands between me and the completion of the work. The trouble is I keep coming across things while researching the part that I am supposed to be finishing that inspire new ideas and of course I try to get these down on paper while the enthusiasm is burning. Consequently volume 3 is coming along apace even as volume 2 stagnates somewhat. Meanwhile I'm back in the gym after various layoffs due to my surgical improvements, fighting to regain my aerobic fitness even though my strength seems to have been unimpaired and in fact has actually increased somewhat - probably due to the fact that one or two niggling injuries have had time to heal. Drinking is down to an all-time low due to the aforementioned surgical restrictions but then again so is creativity - I'll have to do something about that… and Wetherspoon's have a beer festival on at the moment…Hmm, say no more!
Talking of inspirations I've just come across a few more scans of pages from a long ago sold spanking magazine. I can't remember at all what magazine it is from and from the looks of things the first page or so is missing but I do remember that it was one of those pieces that was partly responsible for encouraging the inclusion both of the institutional setting in my writings and also of some of the medical fetish interest that I later included. So, for those of you who are interested, here they are in order; the first three are arranged down the left-hand side of this post from top to bottom - the last page is on the right. As always; click to enlarge and read.
For my next post I will be turning to a subject that was once so popular at one point in time in the letters pages of magazines such as Janus, Whispers, Blushes, New Uniform Girls et al and that plays a large part of setting the scene and building the atmosphere in the institutional settings I attempt to evoke in the INSTITUTIONALISED series: admission procedures. So, if any of you out there have any ideas of how you would prepare your lucky young ladies upon admission now is the time to post them up - imagine, if you will, that you are in charge of your own private and secure little institution with carte blanche over half a dozen young fillies and today is the day that a fresh faced pert blond young thing is delivered to your door… what next?… Dig out your old dog-eared copies of Janus and look through those well thumbed letters pages… any ideas? Incidentally if you are a fan of the above magazines and Roue as well (or even if you are not) you really must visit the yahoo group: Blushing Paddled Cuties (just click). I just did ... I nearly went blind! And I thought I was by now impervious to such things! Seriously though; there are some rare things there...download 'em, or post more up if you have some suitable stuff, before yahoo wipes them out - as they have so many fine groups in the past.

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