Saturday, 1 November 2008

A Very Short Post and a Link to a Story

A contributor (PaulH666) has written a short story around the three pictures of a rather dominant looking nurse that graced the bottom of my previous post. The details were left as a comment on that post but for some reason comments don't always show up on this site so I tend to repost them in one form or another as otherwise they tend to get overlooked. Anyway, the story resides on the ‘Tan Her Hide’ blog. Click here to read.

More apologies are required for the sparsity of posts again, but for the last couple of days I've been unable to access either my blog or any other of the blogspot blogs that I know. I have no idea why this has been so but everything seems to be in order now (other than for my computer which still sounds like a tractor and that I daren't turn off for fear that it won't boot up again if I do) but unfortunately I now committed to carrying out some desk research work for my ‘other half’ (she is a fashion journalist and this week subject is bridal wear). But more posts will be coming soon and I am also gradually grinding towards the end of INSTITUTIONALISED: volume 2.

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