Tuesday, 12 August 2008

New Art Links Added & Some Inspirational Illustrations

Just got back from the gym to find that...Yes, the phone company has finally fixed my line (Bugger me sideways with a sharp stick) mind you, it has taken them long enough!

I have just added a whole series of links to various artists works that I consider particularly inspiring for one reason or another:
Of these, the trio below by Kato Kahoru particularly took my eye; it is almost as if they were drawn purposefully to illustrate INSTITUTIONALISED volume 3 ( if only I could afford such luxuries as employing an illustrator) so close are they in flavour to a series of events I have planned. I must admit to particularly favouring the girls' uniforms depicted by the artist.

Not that my scribbles deal with period pieces, nor have historical settings - I prefer to set my plots in the modern world. But part of the plot development I have in mind is likely to involve certain characters finding themselves apparently flung back into the past (No, I'm definitely not talking time travel here).

I have also added a link to a Yahoo Group catering for all you who have enjoyed, or would like to know more about, those fine magazines of the past - Blushes, Whispers and New Uniform Girls - that I for one have been much influenced by and have so often mentioned.

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