Wednesday, 9 July 2008

More from my collection of scanned classic articles and letters

Early inspiration was often to be found lurking in the letters pages of magazines such Janus and Blushes. (Click on images to enlarge)
Throughout the early to mid-1980s there was a long-running correspondence in the letters pages of the former being the most enthusiastically with the subject of so-called 'admission procedures'. This example is not complete, admittedly, but it is enough to get a flavour of the writer's insight, particularly as to the psychological impact on the hapless subject (image left).

Similarly, correspondents writing to Blushes magazine, a little later in that decade and into the early 90s, were sparing very little effort in racking their imaginations in the cause of cruel and unusual suffering. A psychological thread ran through their writings with humiliation more and more often taking centre stage and over shadowing the traditional, and frankly tedious at times, corporal punishment discussions that had been the conventional fare for so long. Here ( image right) the writer is putting forth a series of ideas for scenarios:

Again, this is only part of the letter, the rest has been lost overtime But perhaps some one else has the rest or others from the period that I have not yet seen (hint, hint). If so feel free to post.

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