Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Gymslip Inspiration

Old 'photos are often inspiring and I regularly troll through old magazines, newspapers and books at boot-fairs, jumble sales, antique fairs and the like.

The gymslips depicted on the left, of an uncertain vintage, go some of the way to exemplify the sort of thing I would envisage as being suitable for any young lady if under the care of a strict governess or guardian. Not perfect, by any means; but if one imagines the material cut away at the sides, down as far as the waist band so that the front and back of the bodice form two separate 'bibs' fastened at the shoulders, a tightly belted waist and either a fitted or flared and pleated skirt, to just above the knee or mid thigh, depending on the circumstance, the general image begins to form. Now imagine the 'bib' carefully fitted, tailored and darted to allow for the swell of the breasts and you pretty well much have it, give or take certain embellishments of which more another time!

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