Thursday, 17 July 2008

I wouldn't usually post a pic twice but it just occurred to me how ambiguous this Hardcastle illustration is. Is she under spotlights or are they sun-ray lamps - perhaps a little bit of enforced over-tanning of the tits, a bit of sunburn around the nipples.

Or perhaps we view from the mirror's perspective; a nice long and finely crafted session of enforced critical self-appraisal: how beautifully humiliating. Well, she needs to get that head back up sharpish and those eyes focused where they belong! Those knickers are going to have to come off too. A few strokes of nice springy rattan should suffice; breasts, buttocks, both: does it matter?
Come to think about it, I think I can just make out a cat o' nine tails in the background, just to her left; click on it and look carefully.

Suffice it to say that my take on all of this will eventually be found somewhere within the pages of INSTITUTIONALISED volume two (be patient, its coming) (and I will be too if I keep writing this stuff much longer). From tomorrow I will be posting the occasional snippet from volume two - keep watching!
But for now,'that's all, folks' - I'm off down the pub - hooray! ...Cheers!

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