Thursday, 17 July 2008

The art of Paula Meadows (now known as Lynn Paula Russell)

Having spent most of yesterday in various houses of public refreshment I thought I'd spend the morning transcribing some of the stuff I managed to get scribbled before I finally keeled over. I've got a bit side-tracked here by some stuff I came across in my archive. I've always loved the work of this artist and the illustration on the left in particular; it's so evocative: what is going on? What is the relationship between the protagonists? You can read almost anything you like in to it; your imagination is the only limitation. In my head it brings all sorts of possibilities to light: it was a major inspiration for volume 1 of INSTITUTIONALISED and in particular CHAPTER 1...Lady Madison Daisy Bartlett, wherein the aforementioned lady so amply demonstrates her singularly refined approach to disciplining her recalcitrant maid. Not to mention a unique solution for dealing with soiled lingerie - Oh, those damned stubborn stains!

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