Tuesday, 8 July 2008

An alternative title: Dark Meanderings of a Darker Mind

INSTITUTIONALISED, volume 1 (see link in sidebar on right if you haven't already read it), was originally to have had an entirely different title and a far darker look, in more ways than one!
It's probably difficult to make out here but the nurse's uniform incorporates a three-tailed tawse hanging from the belt; painstakingly created by yours truly. Another lies meaningfully across the top of the school desk. The green object at the top left-hand corner, underneath the word, dark, is supposed to be a gymslip, minus its wearer of course; it's not really as I envisaged in the storylines but it was the best I could manage at the time.

To the right is an earlier rendition minus the cell bars; here there is also incorporated an American style 'jumper' and a traditional crook-handled school cane (lying across the jumper). In addition the nurse holds a cane hanging from her wrist where her hand rests on her hip. The web structure was supposed to represent the sprung trap (cheesy, I know). The basic group of figures got retained as the cameo style logo used on the back page and also the title page of the current version of volume 1 and will also be used throughout the series.

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