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Some story ideas: An original inspiration

A large part of the impetus in getting me writing came from reading a series of story ideas published in some of the newsgroups around 10 years ago or more, under a couple of different names but now admitted to by a kind gent (I'm sure) going by the name of Acid Tony, who I'm certain will not object to my reproducing them here:
Some serving suggestions (for mind control stories)

The suggestions presented below are some that I posted to various newsgroups around 10 years ago or so. They are mainly mind control story ideas of various levels of subtlety. The one person who responded at the time described them as being all rather Victorian and melodramatic, but there's nothing wrong with that to my mind. The old Victorian governess / evil and exploitative guardian themes were great as was the Victorian propensity to commit wives and stepdaughters to the asylum at the drop of a hat (or at the hint of an inheritance) at least in fiction if not in fact. personally I prefer stories set in the present or near past even if written around similar themes.
As for futuristic automated systems and computers etc, I have recently read a book that touched on these themes to some extent. There seemed to be portrayed the use of motion detectors and an alarm system to control a girl's movements and the use of some sort of computerised training and control system was hinted at. Also at one point a doctor talked about eventually controlling her patient by a series of tones. Although that part of the story did not lose me completely I am not really into all of the automated computerised futuristic stuff. I'm never too keen on stories involving special drugs and worse still, nanotechnology, nanobots, implanted microchips, viruses and DNA manipulation etc. Call me old-fashioned but it all seems a bit too easy to me.
Give me an overbearing Victorian governess or nurse with cane in hand and her dominated cowed late-teenage charge any time. Saying that though, the idea of a collar appeals to some extent. There are those electronic collars that they use to train dogs not to bark and that give out electric shocks when they do. A great way of training an over-talkative girl I would have thought. I guess I don't mind a bit of technology sometimes, as long as the scenario seems plausible and not overly technical. At the end of the day you can't beat the good old-fashioned cane or tawse to my mind.
Anyway I hope that others, more talented than I, will be stimulated to incorporate some of these ideas in their mind control stories. In these stories I envisage:
  1. 'Mind control' as involving any psychological pressure used to bring about a behavioural change in the subject. To this end hypnosis can be used at some stage, but the treatment need not be necessarily limited to this technique. Psychological pressure, including that brought about by some physical discomfort, might be employed to break her resistance to undergoing hypnosis or hypnosis employed in order to help break resistance to any other techniques being employed.
  2. The realisation that large personality and behavioural changes are impossible to achieve using hypnosis over a short time scale. A scenario is required whereby it is ensured that the subject will be repeatedly exposed to the hypnotic influence over a longer period of time.
  3. As above it should also be noted that it is not possible to force a subject to act against her character or against her will under hypnosis. Nevertheless, once again, over a longer time scale subtle changes can be brought about so as to guide the subject down the required road, perhaps ensuring she becomes easier to handle as time goes by and so easier to subject to other measures, designed to bring about the required changes in her. Similarly it could be arranged for her to experience situations and experiences designed to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions that she has been exposed to.

The above includes much scope for the inclusion of other interests in the story line. This may increase both the breadth of the audience and that of the prospective authors, perhaps encouraging new authors to include the mind control theme in their repertoire. In this way I can envisage that these stories might accommodate themes such as spanking, bondage, humiliation, uniforms, diapers, plastic, rubber etc - in all sorts of interesting combinations.

For example a girl (or male being kept as a female) might be spanked or caned to reinforce the subjection of her will that is being carried using hypnosis. As part of her subjection she might be required to wear some sort of uniform and this could involve a considerable element of humiliation depending on the imagination expended upon its design by her mistress or master.
This could be symbolic of her new status, an obvious example being a maids uniform, or it might be worn to reinforce the process of the subjection of her will, perhaps a childish school uniform worn by a rather mature looking nineteen year old. The element of humiliation and degradation could be by way of the exposure of her body in the traditional manner or by the inappropriateness or unusual design of her dress but also by way of the deliberate unattractiveness of her dress. An example of this latter point might be the teenage girl forced by her new mistress, once an equal, to work as her maid dressed not in an attractive sexy 'French maid' uniform but rather in a more practical garb, perhaps consisting of a severe nylon button through overall - dress and apron worn over underwear such as a pair of nylon, plastic or rubber bloomers and a corselet, the garb of a much older woman. Another example of this might be the girl, her once waist length hair cut short, made to wear a particularly severe, old fashioned looking school uniform (gym-slip etc) and having particularly ugly teeth braces fitted, perhaps in the guise of necessary orthodontic treatment but in truth to further crush her spirit and her resistance to her guardian's will.
As to the points regarding hypnosis. In an institutional environment such as a special school, sanatorium, or hospital, resistance to treatment with hypnosis might be broken down by the prior use of sleep or perhaps sensory deprivation. Similar, repeated, treatments can be given over weeks or months until such a time that, due to post hypnotic suggestions, she has become such a good easy subject that she no longer resists further treatment. Perhaps confined to bed in a small hospital room for long hours, it is easy to envisage her being exposed to subliminal messages from a speaker by the side of her bed to enforce the ideas that her treatments are designed to foster in her. Similarly, a small television set placed on a table over her bed might allow her to see programmes, but only those carefully selected to reinforce her training and perhaps with subliminal images included. Such a television, 'malfunctioning' producing a pulsating coloured pattern, could be very hypnotic. Once she has become a ‘good subject’ she could be instructed to turn on her television when the 'lights out' bell rings last thing at night and to watch the pretty patterns until falling asleep under hypnosis after which she would listen to instructions repeated all night, every night. She could, perhaps be made to dream about her earlier hypnotic suggestions and her new life style.
In a more domestic setting gentle persuasion to see a hypnotist, perhaps to cure a phobia or improve her confidence might be more appropriate. Post hypnotic suggestions as to how much she has enjoyed the experience will then ensure that her treatments become a regular part of her life. At home the malfunctioning television technique might later be introduced by her step mother or guardian working in collusion with the hypnotist, and tapes at bed time could be introduced, again to reinforce the hypnotist’s suggestions. Over time a series of post hypnotic suggestions and carefully planned experiences might, together, reduce her self confidence further. For example she might gently be introduced to the idea that she suffers some mild agoraphobia. Her guardian might arrange for her to suffer some unsettling experiences, involving large crowds for example. Later the hypnotist might work on this growing phobia until the girl no longer has the confidence to go out alone. In this way she would become more and more dependent on her guardian who would then use this dependence as leverage to introduce a more disciplinary aspect to bear on the girls life. The hypnotist might suggest also that the girl feels small, plain and insignificant while her guardian seems attractive, powerful and towering. Again this would make it harder for the girl to stand up to the disciplinary measures and restrictions that her guardian intends to introduce, measures that in themselves will reinforce the hypnotic suggestions. In time she would become a very changed girl, certainly a very obedient one.
Suitable subjects might be:

The heiress: She is seventeen years old and her guardian holds the purse-strings but only until she is eighteen. By her eighteenth birthday she has been persuaded to sign documentation extending that control until the age of twenty - one as she does not feel confident that she is yet adult enough to manage her own affairs without her guardian’s guidance. By her nineteenth birthday she is sitting at a school desk in a room arranged as a schoolroom in a house owned by her recently appointed governess. She is dressed in a school uniform of sorts and is writing out a complete multiplication table, over and over, while her stern governess stands over her flexing a cane. The multiplication table she is copying is all totally incorrect; it is an invention of her governess. The girl knows this of course, yet she must learn it by heart. This is merely a device to impress upon her the need to obey others and designed to further subjugate her will. Other lessons involve her learning other deliberately incorrect facts. The idea is to impress upon her that it does not matter what she thinks she knows or believes. All that matters is what she is told to do and say. By the age of twenty one......

The business rival: She is twenty two years old and has inherited a small firm. A rival company, headed by a glamorous thirty - five year old women, forces her company into bankruptcy but puts together an ‘aid’ package. The woman will invest some of her own money and her company will take over the girls old family-run firm. Not content with taking over the girl’s company she also insists on seizing the girl’s home and savings to pay of her debts. She offers to help the girl further by providing her a roof over her head, a small room in her home, and employment. Bit by bit the girl has to swallow her pride as she is repeatedly found lacking and demoted. Eventually she is demoted to 'junior office girl', a post requiring only that she types the most mundane of data into a computer. The boss has a uniform requirement in the chain of shops that she owns and decides that the junior office staff should now wear the same uniform. The young girl is now attired like a checkout girl when at work. The work she is doing is deliberately boring in order to encourage her to be more receptive to the subliminal messages appearing on her screen. Soon she is being sent to a private sanatorium for several months for further treatment. The boss is not satisfied with having destroyed and taken over the girls company, she wants the girl owned too, completely broken and on her knees.

Acid Tony

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Anonymous said...

I recall from the 1970s one of the "spanking" mags had a feature called "Diary of a Victorian Young Lady". The young lady's parents went abroad leaving her in the charge of a governess, who introduced her - never before so much as spanked - to he "delights" of the cane, the birch, and the heavy tawse.

I could probably recall some more detail of the story, if it be of interest. What I perhaps remember best is the reader's letter castigating the governess on her leniency.

- In case she takes it into her head to attempt to run away again, she should be taken to the blacksmith to have a chain premanently shackled to her ankles. This will prevent her wearing any drawers, but there is no need for such a garment - absence makes her person more readily available for discipline. She should not be allowed to idle away her time in the schoolroom, but should be helping the maidservants to scrub the floors, and they should be permitted to discipline her should her efforts slack. Finally the application of soothing creams should be totally forbidden, instead she should be birched every bedtime with stinging nettles. This is not only an effective punishment, but would help her skin to heal and be once more available for discipline on the morrow.