Thursday, 5 December 2019

The Latest Robin Stone Is Now Available

Hi folks! Just the very quickest of quickest notes to say the latest Robin Stone book went 'live' today on LULU.  It should be now available on LULU as PDF, print or epub / Kindle and should be available on other platforms such as Amazon, Apple Book Store and so on shortly. A link to the LULU PDF version can be found over on the right at the top of the sidebar. 

As I said in my previous posting (come on! I'm sure you can remember - it WAS only yesterday!) My role on this one has largely been limited and confined to that of editor / proof reader, publisher and, of course, designer and creator of the cover art, but my own project, still bubbling away in the background, should be ready before Christmas with any luck. I've also got a bit of work from Roger Benson I said I'd do for him on the back burner, so I'm not hanging around right now. 

See y'all again soon!

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babycheryluk said...

Started reading now when is your book ready for release