Thursday, 28 March 2019

The NEW Arranged Marriage - A New Way Forward?

So - now that here in the UK ‘Civil Partnerships‘ have given way to full-blown same-sex marriages and the customs of other cultures are more and more often tolerated one’s thoughts turn to the possibility that there might now be one more way for a step parent or legal guardian to get a recalcitrant and permanently pouting late teen off their hands!  Yes - you've undoubtedly guessed it: Perhaps the door is now open to a whole new interpretation of that term: ‘the arranged marriage‘!  

Actually I've been thinking along those lines for quite some time now, although I'm not sure where it's likely to lead in terms of writing yet - if anywhere - and I feel I ought to get my present project out first but next time I allow myself to go out on a drinking binge I may well take my trusty laptop and see what comes out after a couple of pints or ten! It's the Wetherspoon's Spring beer festival soon, so you never know - I'll keep you posted on that in case anyone cares to join me for a pint or so; I may well be down in Ramsgate using the fairly new and wonderful Ramsgate Wetherspoons or indeed in one of the three Wetherspoons in Brighton - most likely the Marina 'Spoons; Ramsgate because I'm looking to buy a property around there to rent out (I need the income!) and Brighton...well just because I like the place!

Oh lordy - I cannot BELIEVE how long it has been since I've posted here! What can I say? It's the demands of probate and all that goes with it I'm afraid. However - having said all of that - I'm still managing to put a little time aside to work on my various projects each week, albeit often just one or two days per week at present, while also collaborating with Robin Stone in various ways. Incidentally, Robin is currently working on an exciting new project, which I'll probably have a hand in at some point and which he is  hoping and planing to get out in the fairly near future; so keep your eyes open for that one!  As with his last publication - available here on LULU or on Amazon - I will probably be acting in the role of publisher as well as doing a bit of proofreading, editing, perhaps contributing some pics and so on and stuff like that!


babycheryluk said...

You will have to come to nottingham plenty of real ale brews not sold down south

Toyntanen said...

You know, I've not been to Nottingham for years! I was at Nottingham University a couple of weeks each summer attending Open University Summer Schools at one point and later studied Nutritional Biochemistry based on their Sutton Bonington campus and used to drink in The Salutation Inn on Maid Marian Way and used to frequent Rock City and The Rock Stop etc circa mid 90s as a 'mature student' (VERY in years - NOT so much in behaviour!)

bruno said...

And what about the "domestic environment " story you mentioned some time ago ?
Will we be able to read it ?

Anonymous said...

While not exactly abandoned pretty much all my energies have been devoted to finishing off my illustrated project of late - just 2-3 more pics needed, plus the cover of course! From Toyntanen. From my smart phone (which seems not THAT smart since it seems adamant that I should not publish comments under my own name on my own blog!)