Thursday, 31 January 2019

A New Experimental Pic For You

Here is something new I’ve been playing with today - another idea which may make it into my long awaited (I’m sure - ha ha!) new book, which I plan to be a sort of illustrated version of my old ‘INSTITUTIONALISED‘ series (still around on LULU and Amazon etc by the way!)  This one was inspired by something my pal ROBIN STONE (the chap whose book I published on LULU a couple of weeks back - click here to see) sent me recently. Any way - enough for now because I have to rush out so please tell me what you think thus far. The image most likely wont be used in this form or necessarily with this background scene (which is just something I slung together from bits and pieces I had lying around on my hard drive to give a 'feel' for it rather than a plain background).

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