Friday, 17 March 2017

An Update - And Something To Be Getting On With

Have to keep it REALLY short today.  Just a quick note to say I am still playing around with the idea of providing a forum here but as of yet I have been able to make the most popular (and simple) free option to work, namely Nabble. When I last tried I kept getting an error message from the Nabble registration page.  I made contact with Nabble themselves but have not had the time to try again since - and today I have to rush out and will now be away from my desk until at least Tuesday afternoon but maybe until Wednesday.  But I WILL try again - trust me: I'm a doctor.

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Ulver said...

Be wary of ”free” forum solutions and read the TOS carefully. Over at Selectacorp we originally used a free solution that was taken down after a few months for adult content meaning we lost a lot of stuff. We changed to a proper hosting provider to made sure we retained control over our own stuff.

Also do set up a Patreon page so we can tell people to support you. ;)