Friday, 10 March 2017

Ahhhh - The Inspiration That IS Rosaleen Young!!!

What more is there to say? What better inspiration could there be for any writer (such as yours truly) who currently happens to be working on an age regression theme (not that I've abandoned the work based on Angela Foxe's computer art or the project based around the work I did for Roger Benson nor the storyline I started way back in 2014 - they are ALL bubbling under).  By the way, the folks at Selectacorp flagged up the path to a high resolution version of the pic I used to introduce their new game - State Of The Union - last time which I have now used to replace my rather dodgy fuzzy effort at enhancing the low res version I'd come across (see last entry).


charlotte said...

She is certainly a submissive victim in all this.

I am really looking forward to the new project you are suggesting.Age regression is always a good theme, and so versatile too. I loved the trilogy you published

Ulver said...

It is quite rare I come across a book that could have been written by you but this one qualifies.
Lots of interesting ideas and the basic plot of a conniving stepmother plotting to steal her stepdaughter’s inheritance could come from your work. You guys should consider some sort of cross promotion of each other’s novels as you are likely to appeal to each other’s readership.