Wednesday, 14 September 2016

After Those Admission Procedures - Beyond Those First Few Days

So, there's been quite a lot about admission procedures written here in the past, quite often also referring to the 'Reader's Letters' sections of magazines such as Janus, Whispers, Blushes et al wherein it was frequently the subject of many a stimulating missive.  Obviously the intention is that at some point corporal punishment is to be introduced, if not during the admission procedures themselves (something I prefer to avoid on the grounds of straining plausibility).  

But assuming the groundwork has still to be laid down in readiness for the introduction of the cane or the strap - and when that time comes I am of the mind that the subject should be ready to accept such behavioural correction with a high degree of passivity, quite accepting of the legitimacy and definitely not requiring restraint in any manner - the question becomes how to proceed next?  Perhaps by having her suffer, as if by chance, a series of small, apparently unconnected and yet belittling experiences, each seemingly insignificant in itself and yet each gradually chipping away at the subject's self confidence and self esteem?  To be honest, to my mind this sort of subtle, covert approach is best applied in preperation to having the subject admitted - better still, admitting herself, 'voluntarily' - in the leadup and thus BEFORE the admission procedures. 

On the other hand, perhaps the best way forward is the more direct approach...  And few photosets manage to illustrate the latter approach as well as those wonderous Nurse Helena pics:  Here's one someone was kind enough to send to me and which seems particularly appropiate to such a disscussion.

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