Friday, 26 August 2016


From the upcoming illustrated rewritten version of the INSTITUTIONALISED series by GARTH TOYNTANEN, the working title (would you believe): THE ILLUSTRATED INSTITUTION

Yep!  Work is still carrying on with this exciting project, bit by bit.  In the meantime, whenever I am out or travelling I try to put aside some time dedicated to finishing off a bit of writing here and there on the laptop, - even if only while enjoying a cup of coffee - and am hoping soon to start editing together the parts which will go to make up the novel I began way back in the summer of 2014 and which I have mentioned may times before - I just hope it turns out to have been worth all the work; and your wait!  And THAT is part of the reason for all the delays; I am worried about disappointing anybody; SO worried I keep putting off finishing it off!

The latest thing I have been writing kind of overlaps with my last book, ON BECOMING SUBJECT TO MISS SWANLEY'S METHODS (KINDLE edition available on AMAZON - click here!) within which a phone conversation ensues between the eponymous heroine (if that is the right term) and a prospective client.  In the new work we initially look in on the events occurring at the other end of the line at the exact time of that call.

Now: This coming Tuesday I am hoping to cycle down to Brighton from up here in North London and hopefully will stay down there a few days (the nearest thing to a holiday I'm likely to get this year) if I can find a cheap guest house.  So if you will be around in that area and fancy meeting for a pint look for my tweets on Twitter or look to the comments attached to this post.

See you next time!


Vlad said...

I am glad you broke silence and work is proceeding. Is there any chance of a firm date for "An Ordinary House" or your other book project whose name escapes me?

Toyntanen said...

Sorry for the delay in replying Vlad. The answer to you question is: no, not really. The reason is that I'v lost the best part of a month through family issues during which I could only work away from home on the laptop. The latter is fine when writing new stuff or adding an idea or two here and there but not so good when a piece is at the editing stage - as several of my projects are - at which point I need to move around whole blocks of text, which is when I like to have the new edited version and what I refer to as the 'source' version open at the same time and spread out in front of me together with any notes and other sources I might want to incorporate. It also prety much precludes any kind of graphic output, for which I really need the twin-screen home system and the graphics tablet / precision mouse I use for such work.