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Roger Benson's Greystone Reformatory - An Introduction and Poll by the Man Himself


The Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls was, in effect, an elite correctional facility for the pretty, shapely curvaceous teener daughters of rich personages living in the Pleasantown area.

The Reformatory was located in a Gothic building in a scenic but very secluded area some 40 miles north of Pleasantown.  It’s interior, however, had been completely updated in keeping with the spirit of the modern minded 1950s.  The girls’ cells and the Reformatory’s many Punishment Rooms were models of efficiency and perfect hygiene.  In fact, at Greystone, no expense had been spared to make it the blueprint for an institution dedicated to the correction of naughty teener girls!

The Punishment Rooms were where the girls were made to undergo many beneficial “correctional ordeals”, many of them inspired by the bizarre and exotic devices and procedures found in Irving Klaw’s famous “Bondage Serials”, drawn by such masters as Eneg (Gene Bildrew), Eric Stanton, Ruiz, Mory, and many others.  (Mr. Klaw’s products are available from his Nutrix Company, located at 35 Montgomery Street inJersey City, New Jersey).

The inmate “enrolment” at Greystone seldom exceeded more than 10 teener girls and only the prettiest, most shapely girls were accepted.  The girls’ parents paid very high fees to have their darling but naughty daughters corrected at Greystone so the girls wouldn’t be exposed to the undesirable “riff raff” at the State Reformatory.  Greystone also received large donations from certain personages who favored strict discipline for naughty girls and enjoyed receiving certain exclusive 8 mm films , photographs, and tape recordings from Greystone. 

Greystone was directed by Superintendent Ella Baines, a handsome, athletically built woman in her late forties.  Miss Baines held advanced degrees in psychology and adolescent correction.  She was ably assisted by a large staff of professionally trained, discipline-minded Matrons, and Greystone’s lesbian sadistic medico, Dr. Elaine Fenton, an attractive, strongly built blonde much feared by the hapless teener inmates!

Girls incarcerated at Greystone were never allowed to have visitors but they were permitted – in a very controlled way – to correspond with their parents and their boyfriends.  Needless to say, this correspondence was very carefully monitored and managed by each girl’s Senior Supervisory Matron!

We’ll soon return to “Adorable April’s Introduction to Greystone” but, for a slight change of pace, let’s explore and express our opinions on some very interesting correspondence!



August 3, 1959

Mr. Rodney Long,
4000 Ridge Road,

Dear Rodney,

I’m afraid your darling girlfriend, Lorna Jane, didn’t do very well in  Deportment Class yesterday.  Her essay on “Ten Ways to be a Good Girl” received an “F” grade from the instructor, Teaching Matron Curtly!

That means dear Lorna Jane is going to have a “hot date” this coming Saturday night –involving my glossy black, oval shaped, hard backed wooden hairbrush and her girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare buttocks and the ripely rounded backs of her thighs where they are bare above her stocking tops.  I expect she really enjoyed it when you felt them up!

But I digress!  After she has had her sixty smacks and is blubbering like a naughty six year old instead of a big 18 in tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer nylon stockings and tight fitting, glossy black patent leather pumps with high spike heels, should I give her a nice 30 ounce, warm, soapy enema?  Naturally, the Vaseline slimed, hard rubber retention plug will be put in her afterward so she can enjoy lying face down on the hard, white metal enema tableand feel the enema solution working inside her. It must be somewhat uncomfortable, judging from the way the girls sob, gasp, and whimper during the 30 minutes they are plugged.  Teaching Matron Curtly said it would give her a good opportunity to think about her deficient essay and ways of doing better next time!

It’s up to you, Rodney, dear.  I’m sure a big, accomplished boy like you can decide what’s best for darling Lorna Jane’s “inner bottom”.  Naturally, I’ll require her to read your letter in which you make your decision.  And, of course, if you decide Lorna Jane’s for the enema tube, I’ll require her to write a nice, long, newsy letter telling you all about what it was like!!


Bessie Stockwell (Miss)
Senior Supervisory Matron 



August 5, 1959

Senior Supervisory Matron Bessie Stockwell
The Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls

Dear Matron Stockwell.

Gosh, Matron Stockwell – thanks ever so much for your letter of August 3rd.

I’m really sorry to learn that Lorna Jane did so badly on her essay for Deportment Class but I understand the importance of high standards and Teaching Matron Curtly’s concern that her professional standards are met!  Personally, I think we do best when we are really challenged!  I really admire Teaching Matron Curtly’s high standards!

I’m so sorry that dearest Lorna Jane’s pretty, girlishly big bottom is going to have to get spanked but poor work has to be corrected!   I’m sure she’ll do better on her next essay! I have really thought a lot about your suggestion that darling Lorna Jane also be given a nice warm, soapy enema!  I guess it will be a bit uncomfortable for her but, as Teaching Matron Curtly wisely says, it will give her a chance to think about her poor essay work and finding ways of doing better in the future.  So I think for these beneficial reasons, darling Lorna Jane would really benefit from a nice long enema session! 

I know Matron Stockwell will make you read this letter, Lorna Jane, dearest, and I want you know how much I adore you and how I only want what is best for you.   I know that the enema will cause you some discomfort but I know it will help you get the most benefit from what is going to happen to you if you really concentrate your thoughts on your essay work while you are getting it! (Both the spanking and the enema!)  And I will be thinking about you, dearest, and how the Matrons at the Greystone Reformatory are only doing what is best for you!

I really look forward, dear Matron Stockwell, to the next letter you make Lorna Jane write to me!  I hope it will be really newsy and contains all the details and I can’t wait to read how darling Lorna Jane felt while she was being spanked and then getting an enema!! I’m
sure the corrective measures will help her to learn her lessons and produce good work that will please you all, including Teaching Matron Curtly!!

Yours most respectfully,

Rodney Young III



August 10, 1959

Dearest Rod,

Thank you so much, dearest, for writing to Madam Matron Stockwell and recommending that I get a nice soapy enema as well as a spanking for my poor work in Madam Teaching Matron Curtly’s class on Deportment.  They were both awful (although in very different ways!) but I just have to admit that I was a naughty girl to write such a poor essay and that I deserved strict punishment for my shortcomings.

Madam Matron Stockwell is with me right now helping me to write this letter and I am ever so grateful to her for all the interest she takes in me and the things she does to me to help me atone for my naughtiness and become a good girl who has paid her debt to society.

Madam Matron Stockwell came to my cell at exactly 8:00 PM on Saturday night and when I heard the key turning in the lock of my cell door, I immediately got to my feet and stood with my arms at my sides and my head bowed in contrition. 

I just couldn’t help gulping when I saw that Madam Matron Stockwell was carrying her glossy black, oval shaped, hard backed wooded hairbrush – the very hairbrush Madam Matron Stockwell had promised me a date with!

And, golly, Rod dearest, just as Madam Matron Stockwell promised, it surely did turn out to be a “hot date”!!

I had to take my tight, short sleeved sweater off (the one with my Reformatory number humiliatingly stenciled on its back) and also take off my tight skirt and then hang both garments up carefully in my little closet.  This left me bare except for my skimpy, black and white striped cotton bra and panties, off-white, elastic garter belt, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer Teen Queen “Tan Temptation” nylon stockings, and tight fitting, glossy black patent leather pumps with 4 and ¼ inch spike heels.

Madam Matron Stockwell then seated herself on my hard, narrow, pillowless Reformatory cot and ordered me to go over her knee!  Then she took my panties down until they were below my stocking tops, firmly gripped me around my curvaceous waist, and warned me that she was about to commence my Execution – words which I surely dreaded!

I got 50 slowly spaced hairbrush smacks on my girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare bottom and 10 on the backs of my ripely rounded thighs where they were bare above the tops of my stockings!  Golly, Rod dearest, did that awful  hairbrush ever sting and burn – just like it always does!  Did I ever sob, shriek, plead, and promise but Madam Matron Stockwell just calmly continued administering the strict discipline a naughty teener girl needs!!

When the spanking was finally over (and there were times when I thought it never would be!), Madam Matron Stockwell let me remain over her knee for five minutes while I did my best to get my girlish blubbering at least a bit under control.  Then Madam Matron Stockwell, in a pleasant but no-nonsense tone of voice – ordered me to get up and take my panties right off and put my sweater back on. Then Madam Matron Stockwell handcuffed my wrists behind my back and announced, “You’re for The Enema Chamber, young lady!”

As Madam Matron Stockwell  marched me to my dreaded destination, my poor b..bottom throbbed and burned so much that I could only take those tiny “Oww, I can barely walk!” steps a freshly-spanked girl in high spike heels always takes!  My spike heels really clicked on The Reformatory’s concrete floors and I could just tell that my girlishly big, well-reddened bottom was wiggling shamefully.   Madam Matron Stockwell said you’d probably enjoying watching me!  I just about died of humiliation when I heard that!!  Then I blushed as red as my b..bottom when Madam Matron Stockwell went on to say, “But it’s probably just as well the dear boy isn’t here.  He’d likely have a very embarrassing accident in his pants.”

Golly, Rod, dearest – not only did I blush scarlet when I heard that, I gasped out loud.  Madam Matron Stockwell just smil


Q1. Do you think Lorna Jane deserved strict discipline for poor essay work?

Q2. Which aspect of her discipline do you think Lorna Jane found most distressing?

Q3. From the correspondence, what is your impression of Matron Stockwell?

Q4. Do you think Rod remained faithful to Lorna Jane while she was in Gresytone?

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: I think he quickly found another pretty, shapely girl to keep him                        entertained during Lorna Jane’s absence.

Q5.  Do you think Rod felt deeply sorry for poor Lorna Jane or actually sexually enjoyed
        reading about what was happening to her at Greystone (including the exclusive
        photographs kindly sold to him by Matron Stockwell)?

Question 5

Q6.  When Rod casually mentioned to his Father that Lorna Jane had written him
        about being so worried about her second impending strapping and begged that
        he might speak with Magistrate Meecher about giving her a reprieve, what do
        think his reaction was?

Question 6

Option 1:  “Yes, son.  I’ll do everything I can.”

Option 2:  “The little bitch needs regular correction strappings on that girlishly big ass of hers!”

Q7. Do you think Lorna Jane’s second strapping was reprieved by Magistrate Meecher?

Q8.  If you think Lorna Jane got her second strapping do you think Rod told
        her – when they were back together again – a long story about how he pleaded
        with his Father to help so Lorna Jane would use her mouth on him as an
        act of deep gratitude?

Question 8

Q9. In this situation who would most like to be?

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