Thursday, 10 September 2015

At Last: A New Cover For INSTITUTIONALISED Vol 2 - and a New Version of the CORPORATE RAIDER Roll-Playing Game

Hi Folks!  The sun’s out here in North London so I’m in a more positive mood today – in the mood to get things done.  And I’ve done a lot in the last few days anyway - despite the overcast conditions that have been prevalent and the shortening days, which always gets to me – especially in terms of the new book, for which I’ve had many inspired new ideas (although a fair few of these may find themselves in a separate work). 

One of the issues I have begun to address is the collapsing sales via LULU. In order to try to get around whatever problem it is which LULU has introduced while ‘improving’ their service I have decided to re-publish some of my volumes (since this has done the trick in the past – dunno why), starting with re-uploading the text file for INSTITUTIONALISED Vol 2. 

I decided to take the opportunity to update the cover of this volume, specifically in an attempt to improve the depiction of the strict dominant nurse with her cane, since I have always been dissatisfied with the somewhat ragged appearance of this element (though I love the image itself) and my skills in photo manipulation have improved so much since the original publication date of 2009 (yes it WAS that long ago!), no doubt due in no little measure to all the work I put in on the, presently sidelined, comic book project, but also the captioned and manipulated images I have created for Tumblr and the work I have been doing collaborating with Roger Benson on his new book over the last couple of years (new poll coming soon, by the way – probably tomorrow!). 

I’d really, REALLY like to know your opinion on this, so please let me have your feedback.  Also – should I redesign any of the other covers?  And if so, which ones – and what elements should be included / excluded?

Also, I have been contacted by the author of the roll-playing game – CORPORATE RAIDER –  about a new update.

Announcing a new updated, a massive third follow on to the previous game CORPORATE RAIDER 3  And it gets even nastier, even darker. 

Click on either game name above to link and visit the new updated verson – and don’t forget to tell your friends!!!  I’ll be putting a permanent link in the sidebar soon, too – so there’ll be no excuse for not joining in, if roll-playing games are your ‘thing’!


Anonymous said...

Thanks TT! If you like the game and want more, come see us at:

You don't need to pledge to see the content (links are posted in the public posts) but if you do want to support and engage, consider signing up on a SelectaCorp exec!

And please support TT-- his erudite perspective is a MUST! I can't wait until your next volume is ready for purchase-- the cover could be blank for all I care! ;)

(But yes, new cover IS great fwiw)

Madmonkey said...

I think this third installment is broken. Eventually it just stops allowing you to press the current month button, which keeps you from going to another month.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Madmonkey. Thanks for letting us know, assuming it is the game you are refering to. I think the game's author follows this blog, but just in case he looks in only infrequently I'll drop him a line directly and let him know.

Madmonkey said...

The button for "that could be done" under "family court" also doesn't work, even if you have the money for it.

Seems like the game still has a few bugs...

Anonymous said...

Hi gents-- actually game has been thoroughly tested by the kind folks on Hypno Collective. They knocked hell out of it and it does work (except for links out of game, which have been disabled temporarily-- game still works w/o them tho).

CR3 only has 12 months so eventually you do run out of time. Also I'm pretty sure that "that could be done" option is contingent on other pre-existing conditions being met. The game is very multilayered and there's a lot going on.

I'm always open to bug reports but after the thorough testing it got, I'm pretty confident it does indeed work (there were about 10 hard core beta testers involved). You might have to join (free and a great community) but you can check out the massive dev thread here: