Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Helping The New Girl Settle Down - or - Learning to be a Good Psychiatric Case

Anybody who has read much of this blog will know I have always been concerned with how to ensure compliance and submission where the introduction of corporal punishment into a disciplinary regimen is concerned.  And anybody who has ever read INSTITUTIONALISED will recognise the inferred technique in play here.  To me the story (as often the case) is all in the facial expression.

Yeah!  I know!  I should have added a downward curve to the wording over the barred gate or door to match its curvature... Perhaps later?.

Just imagine hearing THAT song over and over... er... Who can tell me which song exactly, from the reference above?  (Clue:  It's hidden in that formula - in a reworded form of course.)

Coming next... A poll - or series of polls - relating to the work of the great Roger Benson and the upcoming compilation of his work and influences, put together by the man himself, the 3D computer artist, Angela Fox, and yours truly... Garth P. Toyntanen!!!.


Silvia F. said...

she's pretty hot, i'd let her beat my fat ass.

Unknown said...

Can you please ask Angela Fox to write a sequel to Made for Service?

Toyntanen said...

I doubt she'd give you the choice, Silvia F!

As far as I know Angela Fox can be reached through the web address given in her books. Although Angela and I have both been colaborating with Roger Benson on his art compilation book I have not been in direct contact for some considerable time, although I feel I should try re establish contact soon as I'd like to get back to our old comic book / illustrated novel project at some point in the near future