Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Subjugation Be Thy Name - Even When it Backfires!

I have always had a ‘thing‘ about the wicked stepmother and governess subjugating her heiress stepdaughter and so on, but never really the ‘turning the tables‘ type of theme that I know certain of my readership hanker for (I’m always getting requests in my email to include the theme in my books and novels)...  But then again, I guess this is not really ‘turning the tables’ so much as ‘getting her just deserts‘? 

It's just something that popped into my head when I spotted the pic on my hard drive just now.  The pic originated - like so much stuff nowadays - on Tumblr, but I was actualy searching for a pic of mouth soaping caried out by a uniformed nurse or some such.  There are plenty of mouth soaping pics out there, but not featuring a nurse or taking place within an asylum or mental institution type environment.  Can anyone help me out here please?

 Oh bollocks!  I Just realised I spelt MIDDLE with far too many ‘D‘s!!!!!!!  AND I saved it as a JPG not as The Gimp's own format, so I can't easily change it without starting from scratch and I'm off out to the gym in a moment coz the kids are due home from school, so no time to change it now.


Chas said...

A vaginal soaping, with stinging soap, might also be considered to be a dreaded institutional punishment. Ostensibly as a routine method of sanitation, though understood to be in reality a shameful and disturbing punishment.

"One could always tell a girl who had just come from having had her vagina soaped for a disciplinary infraction. She would always walk with her legs well apart and a grimace on her face. There was also the odor about her too, of that horrible, medicinal soap that they used that would make girls cringe and clutch their crotches whenever they caught a whiff of it as she walked by."

Toyntanen said...

I like the idea of 'waddle by' rather than 'walked by'. What do you think, Chas? Birthday drinks spilling into 4th day, by the way. Presently in The Toll Gate, the Turnpike Lane Wetherspoons pub.... Oh yeah!