Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another Roger Benson Poll - Words And Pic By Roger Benson

In his introductory comments to the July 1957 issue of PICTURE POST, Editor-in-Chief Nigel Pennyworth announced that the edition would include an opinion poll on the "burning" question -- should teenage girls be caned?

The introduction to the poll explained that "Miss Nineteen", a copy typist living with her discipline-minded Aunty in Croydon Surrey, was subject to certain strict "house rules and regulations", including one authorized date a week (Saturday night) and a strict curfew of 11:30PM.

Unfortunately for "Miss Nineteen", the naughty girl lost all track of time as her boyfriend tongue kissed and cuddled her in his Ford Zodiac autocar.  When "Miss Nineteen" (a.k.a. "Miss Curfew Breaker") arrived home 20 minutes late, her visibly displeased Aunty informed the now repentant girl that she would be given a strict disciplinary caning the
next day at precisely 2PM.

"Miss Nineteen" put on only the tops of her Baby Doll pyjamas and got into bed.  The repentant and frightened girl's soft hands cupped her girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous bare buttocks as she apprehensively fretted over what was going to happen to her and fervently wished she had not broken her strict curfew!

On Sunday, the naughty girl was made to stand in the Punishment Corner for one hour before her 2PM date with the much feared, fiendishly supple Punishment Cane her Aunty had procured some years earlier from Mr. Eric Wildman, President of The Corpun Society.  As you can see from the cover picture, the girl was wearing a form fitting sweater, a tight skirt, tautly-suspendered, ultra-sheer, tan-hued nylon stockings, and glossy white patent leather pumps with 4 and 1/4" spike heels.

At precisely 2PM, Aunty arrived, gripped "Miss Nineteen" by an elbow and marched the now tearful girl to The Punishment Room.  Aunty gave the sobbing girl's snugly skirted bottom a few "encouraging" hand smacks to speed her up. "Miss Nineteen" could take only mincing little steps thanks to her tight skirt and high spike heels!  Once in The Punishment Room, "Miss Nineteen" was ordered to removed her skirt and little pink nylon knickers.  Her Aunty then swished the cane through the air to practice her stroke.  The hissing sound made by the dreadful Punishment Cane made an icy shiver convulse "Miss Nineteen's" shapely spine!

In this situation, who would you most like to be?

Would Miss Nineteen squirm uncomfortably on her hard copy typist's chair on Monday morning?

Should Aunty consider giving Miss Nineteen a disciplinary enema after her caning?

Would Miss Nineteen's sobs, shrieks, please, and promises to be a good girl cause her Aunty to be m

Should Miss Nineteen be lectured on the sin of curfew breaking during her caning?

How many cane strokes should Miss Nineteen receive on her succulent bare behind?

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