Friday, 24 July 2015

A Second, Follow-up, Miss Copy Typist Poll From Roger Benson

The Miss Copy Typist poll has been generating some interesting responses and so here are some poll questions which have been suggested by Roger Benson referring to Miss Copy Typist – see the illustration in the previous post (below).  

All polls are now open!


After receiving her nine stroke caning,  a sobbing and sorrowful Miss Nineteen was made to stand in the corner with her hands, fingers laced, behind her neck.  How long should she be made to stand in the corner?

Poll 1

After her corner time, Miss Nineteen should be marched to her room by her strict Auntie. Here, she would be required to remove her off-white, elastic suspender belt and replace it with a powerfully elasticized off-white, open bottomed girdle and hook her nylon stockings up.  Auntie deliberately required the girl to buy the girdle (with her own money) one size too small.  Therefore it is distressingly tight and compresses Miss Nineteen's well caned bottom most uncomfortably.  How long should the girl be required to wear the girdle?

Poll 2

As  lesson in discipline, should a thoroughly humiliated and repentant Miss Nineteen not
be permitted to wear a skirt for the rest of the day?

Poll 3

When she was finally allowed to retreat to her room and lie face down on her bed, what would Miss Nineteen do?

Poll 4

Option 1           She would enjoy a good cry.

Option 2           She would reach back with her soft hands and cup her tightly girdled, well caned buttocks.
Option 3           Her impressionable teenage mind would drift to her naughty boyfriend and she would begin to play with herself.

Research has shown that the corporal punishment of the girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous bare buttocks of teenage girls can cause the girls to become sexually aroused.  So that they do not have the opportunity to console themselves with illicit manual manipulation, would be it be prudent for the Responsible Adult Guardian to tie the girl's wrists behind her back when she is unsupervised in her room?

Poll 5

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