Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sarah? Sarah? Who the F*$&@ is Sarah? A Chance of a Glance into Toyntanen's Brain!

I COULD have said 'a chance of a glance into toyntanen's creative process' - but I'm not that posy!  But I know what you're thinking.  What has a chocky bar got to do with the subject matter usually presented here?  I think that is what you're probably thinking - hmmm?  Am I right?  Well...wait and see! And it ain't the name, Sarah - pretty though it is!  I woke up this morning with this idea running through my head - well, it was actually a name really; 'DollyMother' (all one word - camel-text deliberate) and a slogan.  The latter had nothing to do with that name and was more a kind of spoonerism based on a well-known TV detergent advert jingle... It made me think:  Is semi-skimmed milk 'mild-cream dairy liquid'? (think - 'hands that do dishes...').  It also made me think of another old advertising jingle - and of a series of adverts in a medical-world journal I read... AND a couple of pics I viewed recently on a Tumblr 'Age Play' group (a source of much inspiration which led in this case to the descriptor 'fairy' being added to DollyMother, giving 'Fairy DollyMother')...  And it all started to come together...  So let's see where it leads...  Watch as step by step (or all in one go if I get bored) this innocuous everyday treat (can you HAVE an everyday treat?  Isn't one special and the other not?  Go argue it out with a semantics professor someplace!) morphs into something far darker, taking on a character and implications which...

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