Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New Book Cover - Thoughts and Opinions Please

Hi folks!  I've just updated the new book cover design.  Not sure how well it works as it is so your opinions, thoughts and ideas are most welcome.  

As you can see, it features several elements from Roger Benson's artwork which he kindly gave me permission to use, ie the girl, stool and camera as well as a ransom note that was made in the traditional way with letters cut out of newspapers and magazines which I then scanned in to the computer and distorted to make look crumpled by being held in a hand.  

The cane is one of my creations.  Anyway, see what you think.

By the way, I am trying to contact 'Chris' who wrote a piece for this blog back in january about another piece he has written and I have been working on editing.  I have tried a couple of times to contact him by email, but to no avail.  So if 'Chris' is reading this, please email me.  Ta!


Anonymous said...

I love the cover design!!


Toyntanen said...

Well, that's encouraging, Mr Greenwellies! I was particularly keen to somehow integrate the art of Roger Benson because I love his sort of vintage 1950s - 1960s vibe and the way he captures the 'look' of that period. And that particular figure - one of his 'girdle gals' - fits nicely with the kidnap for ransom theme that the first part opens with, though it must be said that for the sake of plot development in later sections I have had to set this one very much in the present. Obviously a kidnap theme could work in any era, and I'm deeply in love with the 50s, 60s and 70s as many will know, but without giving too much away (I hope)there is a background political aspect to the kidnap which only becomes apparent to the kidnappers themselves as events unfold and they find themselves increasingly out of their depth as various international factions vie with each other for control of their captive, she's put up for auction and the action shifts from the East End of London (or a secluded farmhouse - it's all decidedly and deliberately uncertain)to a Middle East basement and thence to a run down Eastern European orphanage / asylum.

Anonymous said...

I might add an edge to the type to make it easier to read. I'd close up the leading (space between lines) as well. This will keep type from fighting with imagery, which is quite nice.

You might consider doing the whole thing in greyscale (as opposed to some colour elements)

As you're going with a 70s type setting, you might go with a sepia look to give it an older otherworldly effect.

Or just leave it the way you have it. In any case, looking eagerly to publication. What is your ETA on this?

Also, happy to copyedit if you are looking for volunteers.

This has been Selecta...

Toyntanen said...

Hi there Mr Selecta!

Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry I didn't respond earlier but my home phone line is out of action (AGAIN!!! UK folk: If you're thinking of renting your phone line off The Post Office - DON'T; just don't do it!. So I have no internet, which is a real serious pain because Roger Benson sent me some work at the weekend - really simple speech bubble stuff I could knock out within an hour - and it's holding everything up; I've downloaded and looked at it on my phone but can't get my phone to talk to my home computer. So, I'm out today with my laptop to find a WiFi hotspot to download Roger's stuff on to a data stick to then take home to work on (screen's too small on this device. I might even try and update the blog while I'm out because by an amazing chance I kind of got embroiled in something interesting yesterday, but I'll need a pictorial example, which I'll have to download myself first off of The Original Institute website, from the Beyond The Barred Window section (if it's there)because I don't have my files on this thing. We'll see how it goes - may prove a little ambitious.

Going back to your suggestions. I'm going to give 'em all a try, though I do think the small amount of colour adds impact. The typeface, though, was accidental and not supposed to suggest the seventies (it is just a bold version of a sort of non-serif default font on the software I use - perhaps I'll change it).

As for my ETA: At the moment, your guess is as good as mine. I HAD intended to publish the first part while then working on the other two parts. But as it has turned out, the first part is still up in the air as new ideas keep suggesting themselves. The latest involved my tasting various examples of scented and non-scented soap. How's that for dedication? Yeah mouth soaping has been done before - done to death in fact - but not in the manner I do it in the story! Nice! On the other hand, the other two parts are all but completed as well.

Toyntanen said...

Hey! It's great to see the blog is still up and running though despite yesterday being that dreaded gagging date!

Nh6070 said...

When is book available