Friday, 27 March 2015

Admission Procedures (1)

Yeah I know those of you who regularly peruse my Tumblr blog will have seen this already but it is difficult to produce something specifically for this blog at the moment as I am having to up date it out in public and so have to use preformed content to get it done quickly and discretely.  Besides, I have two or three others lined up along the same lines I want to share with you. 
This one has little to do with the real storyline it depicts - which comes from the delicious Bars and Stripes site (if you want to see more - and it IS recommended - link to the site from the banner right down at the bottom of the page; I get some much needed cash that way). 
What it represents is my interpretation of what MIGHT be going on, in light of one of my favourite subject areas inspired by the reader's letters section of the 1980s editions of Janus magazine... Admission procedures. 
And what I love about admission procedures in terms of fantasy and institutional-scene story writing (obviously it cannot work in domestic discipline scenarios - generally at least) is the way it opens the way to the inclusion of all manner of things beyond simple caning and spanking.  Hair cutting / shaving, gynaecological inspections, enemas, suppositories, edging, cold showers and all manner of humiliations can be woven in and piled on the unfortunate heroine's pretty head. 
This is not an exhaustive list, and I'm sure you can think of more.  It is all about creating a sharply delineating and contrasting break - psychologically speaking - between the girls previous life and this new existence she is entering into.  
Those of you who visit here frequently enough will know I sometimes get a 'kick' from re-evaluating and re-interpreting what are often perfectly innocent images.  And often those images can be a fruitful source of inspiration for my own storylines - even old adverts from mainstream publications have given birth to interesting avenues to explore in the past, especial those old girdle adds.  Well this one is not so innocent, but it is still fun weaving various alternative storylines around it and putting one's own spin on it.  Don't you think?  Take a look around you as you walk through life and let your imagination out to play and see what happens.
The reason I am working away from home is simply that my home phone line is down and has been for a week and a half now, thus no home internet connection either...  I am livid!!!  It is messing up everything - including the artwork I am still doing for Roger Benson. 
On the other hand, as I have had to escort my aged mother to a hospital appointment in Edgware today; and as she doesn't mind funding me for a few pints (coz I'm broke);  and as there is a Wetherspoons beer festival on and it is always interesting to visit a new (to me) branch of my favourite pub chain; and as I require a fast WiFi connection (which they provide - gratis); it is a good excuse to explore and so today finds me in the Kingsbury (North West London) branch with a pint of 'Old Peculiar' in my mitt... 
Cheers - n - beers! 


Vlad said...

Good to see you soldiering on despite the loss of internet. Admission procedures are always good material and I hope the forthcoming book has some. While it has been a long time since I was in the UK, isn't Old Peculier a Theakston's brew? At least the bottled version seen in the US was.
Happy drinking from the land of microbrews.

Toyntanen said...

Yep! Theakstons. But not in bottles. On hand pump, as it should be.

Yeah the lack of internet is a real pain. It is easy to forget how reliant we are on it these days. Still no phone line and engineer not coming until Wednesday.