Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Delicious Discipline of Little Miss Pigtails Behind Bars

Not much I can say about this one, except it made for a pleasant distraction from slogging away at writing, the new book is coming soon (honest) - or at least the first part is - and it’ll have nothing to do with the implied storyline here.

Basically it surfaced while fishing around on my hard drive for a suitable example for the bookish heroine discussed last time and I again ran into that little miss pigtails pic I came across some time ago on Tumblr.

I have to say Tumblr is fast becoming my main source of inspiration nowadays, Easily outpacing all those old reader's letters and so on from the pages of Janus, Whispers, Blushes and all those compilation editions that used to hit the shelves back in the eighties, not to mention Justice and – much later - Februs.

Oh...  No one told me I'd got the word, orphanage, wrong in the title of my last post.  Are you all becoming as dyslexic as me?  Well, Ive fixed it now (I hope).

Lastly:  If you've emailed me recently or left a comment on here and are yet to receive a reply,  My apologies.  Rest assured that I will have read your missive, but I have had problems (again) with the home Internet connection.  I will be responding to as many outstanding emails as possible tonight and addressing as many comments as I have time to, so keep an eye open.

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