Wednesday, 21 January 2015

More on the Domination and Subjugation of the Shy, Sheltered Bookish Type

It seems my post back on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 has generated a heck of a lot of interest – even though I neglected to provide it with a title (something I have today rectified – not absolutely necessary I know, but I'm a stickler for detail). OK most has been in the form of emails to me personally, but nevertheless, there is obviously a LOT of interest out there in the unjustified, undeserving punishment and discipline of the quiet, shy introverted bookworm type.

I have been hunting around for a while now – ever since that original posting in fact – for a suitable illustrative example of the type I envisage (easy enough, you may think), but pictured within the right sort of context. I think the look is captured quite nicely in this  illustration by that great, great, CP-orientated artist, Hardcastle originaly for Janus magazine back in the 1980s (although for an entirely different kind of storyline).  But if you can think of any better examples please feel free to share them here (by sending in via email) or posting a link / description or what have you.

The consensus from the emails I have received seems to be that the more sheltered, pampered and privileged the girl's upbringing has been, the more unassuming, good-natured, quiet and modest she is, the better and the greater the impact – and thus the frisson to be had, from the reader's point of view – when the disciplinarian is introduced into her orbit. And the girl's isolation from her previous existence as soon as practically – and plausibly - possible seems a prerequisite of story development from that point on, as does the unbridled and undisguised enjoyment of the proceedings by the disciplinarian her (or him) self as he or she imposes ever more austere and restrictive conditions.

Another theme coming to the fore is one of favourite pastimes, interests or ambitions becoming twisted and turned against the hapless young thing in the hands of the draconian authority figure to the point of becoming punitive, hated and loathsome. Thus the once-joyful piano lessons that become a mindless detested – even feared – repetitive chore (see this illustration I found - on Tumblr; where else?).

I can think of few better ways for summing all this up than by ending with this contributed piece sent in as a comment by 'Chris' and repeated here for no other reason than to illustrate the fact to those (and I'm often an offender myself) who don't always bother to open the 'comments' sections of blogs to do so more often – you never know what you may be missing out on!  Now read on:

A Contribution by Chris
I too much prefer that such a woman be placed in charge of a quiet, socially-conforming, bookworm. I too like the total contrast, 'the use of the iron bar to break the butterfly’s wings.'
This girl is not in need of any disciplinary regime, she is a high achiever at school – sure the atmosphere is relaxed, no uniform, lots of social activities, but she still works hard and gains 'A' passes; she has never been a cause for concern, no boys, no drinking or smoking, a conformist in all respects. She enjoys the outdoors and loves her horse-riding, excelling in this too, with many ribbons to adorn her walls. Life is a pleasure….

Then the governess is appointed, [and the girl] can’t understand the dramatic change to her world. She is now to study for twelve hours a day, wear a strict and uncomfortable uniform, perform hard physical household chores for a further four hours each day, and have no further contact with her host of friends. The final straw is when her governess, a woman - if she may be termed so, for she is barely two years her senior - informs her that her favourite showjumper, a horse she trained from a foal to A-grade, dotes on daily, and is now worth a great deal of money; has been given away.

In tears, shaking with grief, frustration, disbelief and resentment - this is so totally undeserved - she calls her governess, ‘a cruel monster’. After all she is a perfectly [well] behaved girl, she would never swear, or raise her voice in anger [nor] lash out. [Imagine] her total shock when her governess calmly advises, her tone implacable, “Little girls need to learn obedience and respect their superiors. Your behaviour is quite unacceptable and will be dealt with appropriately. Please remove all your clothes in preparation for your punishment.”

She can hardly believe her ears, this young governess is talking to her like a little child. Worse follows as she is lead into the punishment room where she sets eyes on the gym horse with its leather restraints and the vicious cane placed alongside. It is obvious this is going to be a severe thrashing. It is undeserved, who would not have reacted similarly, or worse, in the circumstances?
She chokes back the tears in disbelief, shock, her mouth dry, her stomach churned up as her whole body trembles in dread. She breaks down and sobs, pleads for forgiveness and mercy, she will never disobey again, apologises profusely for her behaviour.

Her governess looks on dispassionately. The girl has never heard a raised voice before, she has been pampered and, in truth, spoiled all her life; yet this martinet looks at her without pity. She beseeches:

Please… forgive me, just this once, I promise I will be so so good from now on…… so good. I am so sorry…. Please… I will never call you names again. Please don’t hurt me, I’m begging you… forgive me, just this once?”

Her pride is long gone, she barely believes her own words as she trembles before this young woman barely older than she; yet worlds separate them. It is all so unjustified, so undeserving… so extreme a penalty. All she has known before was love and caring compassion; a quiet word of warning, at most, if her behaviour had ever warranted correction.
Her words fall on deaf ears as her governess simply advises, “Bend over the horse, now… and if I hear another word from your mouth, I will double your punishment.”
The girl [feels utterly] defeated as she bends and finds herself secured to the horse, no option but to bear her punishment. Yet - as her governess viciously slashes the cane in practice, the evil hiss causing her to cringe in absolute terror - she cannot help but ask, her voice a tremor, “Please, just this once, spare me…..”
The cold emotionless response of her governess breaks her completely, “You just doubled your punishment - thirty-six strokes.”

Great stuff!  Eh, folks?  More, please. Chris!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful image Chris has conjured up, and completely in line with my own thoughts......a modest and well behaved girl in everything, prim and proper, a regular at her local church, never once missing a Sunday service, cultured and educated but never arrogant or rude. What a wonderful theme to explore further....thank you

Bruno said...

Hello from France.
Although I will eventually read all your books... I would like to start with what interests me more, i.e the domestic environment with strict governess, nurse, school uniform, home schooling, punishment, back to (or kept in) childhood for a young adult.
Which of your books Should I start with ?

Toyntanen said...

Well, that's an easy one, Bruno! Alice Under Discipline should fit the bill quite well. I have to say it is an area I have had a fasination (sorry for spelling - no spell checket on the device I'm using) with for quite some while and the only reason I haven't done more in that area is a problem with plausability in that it is difficult to write something even half-way belivable set in the present day UNLESS the girl is of the quiet bookish type. Back in the Victorian and Edwardian periods the problems raised dont seem so daunting, but in the present things become more difficult - as has been flagged up by The Non Victorian Chick in a recent email to me (which I'll share soon).

Toyntanen said...

Hi 'Anonymous'! I agree wholeheartedly. But what I think makes the idea really come alive for me is the juxtaposition between the girl's modest gentle nature and the entirely innaproproate harridan employed to be in charge of her -
and the more stark that contrast is, the better. So I imagine a woman whose outlook is at the very least colou

Toyntanen said...

...,continued... (Phone had a glitch) coloured by lesbianism, who gets a great deal of, shall we say 'private' satisfaction in thinking up ever more restrictive and petty stipulations for her charge to live by and dishing out ever more ingenius punitive measures, perhaps even - as in Alice Under Discipline - a woman who has been dismissed under something of a cloud from some maner of penal institution or other establishment.

Anonymous said...

But of course, the Governess is never inappropriate in public, making sure that she is seen as a professional, if old-fashioned, young lady. Her attitude in public is one of correctness, deportment and the utmost modesty and decorum, making sure her charge is immaculately turned out and beautifully behaved in all situations, cowed into total submission. Anything even slightly out of the norms she has been trained to adopt, is dealt with swiftly and appropriately in public, but most awfully when they are back inside the confines of the girl's house.

Bruno said...

Hello again.
I have been reading a few of your books. Extremely interesting indeed.
And very well written.
My opinion though : Too much sexual contents for my personal taste.
Would like much more the type of situation described by one "anonymous" stating how she was humiliated by childish outfits and early bedtimes until may be 23 ?
Do not know if this person will see my comments and be willing to say more ?
And apologize if my english is not good enough.