Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Super Inspiration?

So there I was.  It was 1965 and I was just a little kid myself, and I was on Bognor Regis sea front (on the UK South Coast - some way west of Brighton and near Little Hampton) and it was a rainy day and my parents wanted to keep me amused and quiet.  I liked Superman comics, and I sometimes even asked for the Lois Lane comic if there were no Superman titles as such in the shop - and as I was making so much fuss about the rain, that was what I got.  And low and behold it was this little gem - and my sexual development changed completely and forever. I still recall vividly this particular comic book to this very day; it struck some sort of chord in my brain which has influenced all sorts of interests ever since. 

 I long ago lost the comic of course, but they would have sold countless thousands of the title - and so it was only a matter of time before it cropped up on the Internet.  So insofar as the mind control aspect of my writing and plotting is concerned, this was pretty much the start of it - along with certain half-remember bits of telly, such as certain scenes in The Prisoner of the 1960s (the maid assigned to No 6 who was once a high-flying intellectual and language translator comes to mind - the manner in which she now so docilely accepts her lot which makes one wonder what might have been done to her). 

Now fem-dom is not really my thing, but there was something here which got me going, and kind of has ever since, although I quickly began to transfer the scene, nowadays transplanting in a late-teen girl and so on in my imagination.   

The storyline was that Superman had been affected by red Kryptonite which had temporarily rejuvenated him and it was left up to Lana and Lois to look after him... And Lois (I think it was) had seen a programme on TV regarding hypnosis which utilised an electric fan and mirror affair and having had problems disciplining the littler Super Brat (yes, there was an over-the-knee spanking scene too) decided she needed to try some alternative form of control.  And it actually goes beyond simple hypnosis too – there is an aspect of classical conditioning introduced to reinforce the post-hypnotic suggestions.  It is all good stuff, fodder I drew from heavily in a couple of scenes in one of my books.  I even mention the use of a child's spinning-top toy decorated with a red spiral at one point.Of course in my case it is all about finding a semi-plausible way to impose discipline on - and introduce corporal punishment to - the recalcitrant teen.

But OMG in super-capital letters!!!  What would happen if this were to be published nowadays - the writers would probably end up in jail someplace, and the editor, AND the publishers.  Spanking scenes, female domination and little kids???  And it was sold to little kids too!  I was one!  And look what it did to me...  Harmless fun indeed... Humph!


Colin said...

Hi, I too had a Superman comic that featured spanking, Superman (his robot, guided/directed by him) spanked Lois Lane at his Fortress of Solitude.
Interestingly it is an example of a cartoon blooper. Superman is down on one knee with Lois bent over the raised knee. In the 1st frame she's over one leg and in the 2nd frame she's over the other one. I might have those pics somewhere, would you like them. I think that I got them from Vintage Erotica Forum.

Toyntanen said...

Hi Colin. Thanks for that. All contributions always gratefuly received! Please send the pictures to my email address toyntanen@googlemail.com

One or two other folks have posted comments elswhere: You're not being ignored; I have just been away from home for a few days and will respond to them soon.

By the way. If you didn't download the new book for free when it was available, it is now available through LULU as a PDF and Amazon as epub / Kindle (Amazon is the cheapest option)

Colin said...

Hi, I've searched my drive to no avail, there are no Superman pics.
I'm sorry that I raised your expectations.
I'm sending you a cartoon as a consolation.