Friday, 28 February 2014

Another Version - Another Vision

As I replied to an anonymous comment earlier today, as originally created by Roger Benson this drawing portrayed some sort of scene being played out in a college dean or tutor's office - but that was not how I saw it. So with the addition of a suitably period-style camera and stool (from another of his pictures, a diploma on the wall (created by yours truly)and a metronome adapted from a photograph, the cane in the foreground (also created by moi) and one or two other changes, the whole scene changes.

In hindsight, I probably should not have added the caption – but I couldn’t resist harking back to one of my favourite scenes from my earlier books, the INSTITUTIONALISED series (volume 3 I think it is – correct me if I’m wrong; but not TOO hard!). anyway, there is probably enough embedded in the image as it stands to put over that SOMETHING sinister is going on. Exactly what can be left up to the viewer’s imagination.  So here is another version, decked out as if a cover for that book I was handing out free up until recently.

The presence of the camera represents - and hints at (even without the caption) - one of my main interests: plausibility in spanking literature. How does one get a strapping, would-be independent late-teen or early twenties lass to docilely bend for the cane or drape herself across the knees of some authority figure, whether that be a strong-willed stepmother almost young enough to be her sister, a governess or institutional figure for a damn good spanking or thrashing? Part of the answer relies on making a start on toning down some of that independence - and replacing it with something diametrically the opposite.

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